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Tyre wear- Sports Bike

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Kevo954, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. Just wondering what sort of K's you get out of your sports tyres?
    I commute daily on a 2002 Fireblade and occasional weekend ride, not one to shred and ball up the tyres on the road.
    I have run Dunlop and Bridgestone Sports tyres and generally get 4,000 to 6.000 k's usually 2 sets per year, I ran Bridgestone Sport Tourers and clocked up 12,000 k's with minimal loss of grip for my type of riding, noticeable in the wet at the lights.
    I fitted a set of Michelin Pilot Road 2CT (Sport Tourers) in late 2008 and have since clocked up 18,000k's with still an estimated 5,000ks to go, simply amazing!
    I have a little less confidence in them than I did the Bridgestone Sports that I had prior to these but to be honest these tyres haven't given me reason to doubt them, it's just a feeling I have.

  2. I run Metzler Z6, 15000 klms and 13000 klms on my second set, rears,
    They have never let go, even in the slimiest conditions,
    Done 30,000 klms in the last 18 months. Mainly mountain twisties, in all weathers.
  3. Hard compound= less wear, less grip

    Soft compound= more wear, more grip

    It's an individual thing, find what suits your style.

    I like the dual compound from Dunlop (roadsmart?) and Brigestone (BT45?)
  4. Dunlop's are crap.
    Bandit 1250 came with a set of Dunlop's and I had to replace them after 4,500 km of average daily commute.
    I am now on Metzlers.

  5. I thought that as well- untill I road on the d209rr, top shelf sports bike tyre!
  6. I highly doubt you have ridden on every Dunlop tyre. Some Dunlops are crap, but the GPR Alpha-10s, Roadsmarts and N-Tecs are great.