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Tyre wear opinions?????

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by lil, May 21, 2007.

  1. Having come home from Hotham this weekend and riding the VFR, seems my husband has a big complaint (apart from the fact I went away without him :LOL: ). He was expecting to put a new rear on his bike when I came home, but now needs a new front as well.

    My question is this:

    Is my riding style the cause of my problems with front tyre wear? I have noticed when I do some serious riding, I tend to wear the sides of my front tyres very aggressively.
  2. no no lil its normal, so i have been told, i'm too busy riding like a b!tch lately to know :LOL:
  3. Its like I'm a Rapid bikes salesman or something today..

    Page 92 of Rapid Bikes, May.

    That kind of confused me more than informed me so I'll have a go at decoding it now. I think what its saying is that when you are cornering, the weight and pressure and movement mean that the tyre is rotating in a way that doesn't have to slide (and thus wear) to assume the right position. However going on the highway (I guess with less forces and weight being shifted around), to change direction the tyre has to reshape itself, so the bottom part of where its reshaped is getting worn.

    Nup, still confusing..
  4. ....and now you've just insulted me by suggesting I weigh more than Jay!!! Now you're in trouble :p :LOL:

    Jay (lately) has been doing a lot more fun riding than I have, so why would I be doing this to tyres? I had a mix of straight, twisties and open sweepers :twisted: (I love GAR!!!)
  5. Hehe, no offense intended :p Just thought it was semi relevant :grin:

  6. Lil cant lie straight in bed and cant sit straight on a bike.
    The tyre wear is on the right side of the front tyre, she often rides with only the right hand and rests her left arm on the tan, others have said its not sitting straight on the bike.
    Id have to aggree, my tyre was perfect on all acounts when she left but the front right side is dramitacally ground down than the left......and no its not due to her fanging the crap out of my bike.....although my little computer thing told me her average and top speed and i wasnt best pleased as i will get the frikkin ticket........

    Seems a mystery as her Ducati front tyres where also bald on the side and fine in the centre.....go figure ?
  7. I promise I was a good girl, dearest O:)
  8. Yeah coming from someone who has been doing something simular front has been worn to the markers on the sides and has to be replaced at the same time as the back,reason ????? hard into corners mmmmmm not me it just went like that hounest :LOL:
  9. Question:
    - do you have big strips on your front tires?
    - when turning do you gradually turn in or like to rapidly snap it in?
    - also when turning are you on the brakes, or throttle off, or constant throttle, or powering through with throttle on?

    Reason being:
    - i tip in gently so i got massive strips, not much wear
    - also i never/rarely do so under brakes or throttle off. I almost always got constant throttle or slowly powering through which "i think" keeps the weight off the front wheel and on the back.....which might explain reduced front tire wear.
  10. I am about to put a new front tyre on as well and the right side is ground right down while the left still has a reasonable amount of tread left.

    I wondered why as my riding involves plenty of left hand bends and twisties and is balance by "straight" riding as well.

    The guys at the store said that this uneven wear is purely down to the camber in the road and with the normal right to left camber, gravity is always scrubbing across the right hand side of the front tyre.

    Funny that the back is wearing not nearly as fast (still at about 75%) and is wearing evenly. I suppose that just shows that the front is constantly under cross stresses much more than the back????? BTW I don't drift :LOL:
  11. Now now.. if you go back and read it carefully you'll see that it actually says the tyre wears when there's LESS weight on it!
    I can see the logic in this - if the load is less the tyre is constantly changing the shape of its contact patch. Maybe it's also sliding more due to a lower level of friction.
    Ducati front tyre bald on the sides and fine in the middle? You're just a hoon! :LOL:
  12. Hi Lil.

    The front tyre on the Blackbird wears dramatically more for me than the rear, and always seems to be on the LH side.

    I've put this down to my riding technique....I have a tendency (which I am trying to correct) to go into corners a little too hard, and then allow the speed to wash off during the turn and then back on the throttle at the apex. The weight transfer puts alot of load on the front tyre, and as I seem to like LH turns more, that side seems to cop it. My front tyre ends up severely worn on the LH side, by the time it needs repalcing, and this happened on both the FJR and now the Blackbird..

    Ideally, I need to be setting my turn speed earlier, so that I can be holding on the throttle through the turn, and then powering through the exit. Either I need to brake harder, earlier, or (and I think THIS is the cause), I should get off the throttle a little earlier to stop me from barrelling up to corners with too much speed.

    I suspect also, that it might be a bit of a "heavy bike syndrome".

    Not saying that you have the same sort of stuff going on, but it might spawn some thought about your own technique or style, Lil.
  13. ...Jay has LESS wear than I do on front tyres, so I still stand by my indignance! :p

    I'm sure I'm not a hoon! A lot of the roads were wet this weekend, as well, so I was taking it easy....and I was TEC on Saturday. *shrugs* I'm not getting any satisfactory answers here :p
  14. who cares jay pays for it anyway :LOL:
  15. WOW, surprising read, this thread!

    Must say, I have never come across this problem, I get at least 2 rears to every 1 front tyre!

    Maybe your riding style is that you counter-steer harder into right hand corners? I'm sure many people have a favourite side they turn in. Mine is left.

    As for weight, I can see how that would make a difference. With LESS weight on a bike, less downward pressure and less stable friction. ie. Less down force, more sideways movement, so your tyre slides more on tarmac and hence rubs more. So here you have it, you're too skinny for the tyre!!! :grin:

    Gospel according to Pooh! :LOL:
  16. To add one more thing...This is more likely to happen on roads that I don't know at all.. :roll: :)
  17. John, you might be the closest to what's going on. I tend to go into corners a little slow, though....I'm a scaredy cat sometimes :oops: (maybe a lot of the time :oops: :oops: )

    I just had a new set of rubber put on her, so I'm going to spend some time up and down the Spur practicing my smooth cornering technique (which often disappears when I'm tired, on roads I don't know and with other distractions). I do accelerate hard out of the corners and I think I start accelerating quite early (to make up for my lack of entry speed :oops: :roll: ).
  18. Lil,

    If you had ridden Jays bike for a longer distance i could maybe understand what Raven is saying about chewing out the tyre by snapping the throttle shut when turning in...which may well wear the tyre prematurely...but we did maybe 1000k's in the pissing rain and it was cold...so i doubt you shagged the tyre in 1000k's bearing that in mind.

    I reckon the tyres were just about at the end of their life...it's the only pair of them that Jay has used...and they are supposed to be super soft so perhaps thats just how they wear...it can alos be a confidence thing...many people are more comfortable leaning one way more than the other...

    Time to bust out the Ducati and go for a flog! :grin:
  19. Hi Lil. :) I know...any excuse to hit the Spurs... :LOL:
    If you tend to go in easy, then it won't be excessive loading on the front tyre...and accelerating out of the turns should'nt really cause excessive wear on the front...unless you often feel the front understeering as you do so..
    Either way...it's unlikely to show a technique trend in such a short distance unless you were really "on it", and since you were'nt...well...now I'm stumped! :shock: :) ...A day on the Spur and then a look at your tyres might reveal something?...

    Certainly got my curiosity up now, Lil.! :grin:
  20. you do know that in a right hand drive society you travel further around right hand corners than lefts don't you? Therefore, combined with road camber, the right side of the tyre does more work than the left. Extreme examples of this can be seen in comparing tyres between eastern creek and phillip island. :wink: