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Tyre wear limits

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by matt swift, Jun 29, 2015.

  1. Hello all,

    Just after some experienced advice hence the post on this great forum. I have an R1 2008 with Pilot power 2ct's currently on it. I know the tyres need replacing soon but was after some advice on how soon.

    The wear bars are just becoming level currently, Please see the attached photos.

    My question is how long will they last riding say 30k a day. I am waiting the return of Melbourne tyre man (from Netrider's) on the 7th for a quote will they last??

    Thanks in advance

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  2. Do you know how many km's they have done so far ?
    Depending on your riding style maybe 10K ?
    If they are all nice and even I'd expect you could get at least another 500 out of them.
    The lower that the tread gets, the less water they could displace. IMO you'll be fine to wait for Bruce, but you'd need to get them done sooner rather than later.
  3. Could be wrong but for insurance think you need a minimum of 1 mm above the wear markers.In winter probably shouldn't be second guessing how many km you got to go.
  4. Should be ok for another week or so matt, just ride smooth (esp in the wet) and keep an eye on em ;)
  5. That will go to the 7th easy, unless it's bald don't worry heaps. The law regarding tyres is extremely conservative in the case of experienced riders
  6. Thanks for all the great responses. So quick. I will get them changed asap.
    Does anybody have anything good to say about bt016 pros. Can currently get them so $300 a pair at AMX Melbourne. Worth getting?
  7. Hey mate ,

    You should get tyres that best suits your riding and purpose , not just buy because they are cheap.
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  8. might square off pretty quickly if you are just commuting on them. nice if you want to go hard though
  9. NO! Crap tyre IMO. I love my Dunlop Sportsmarts. Threw my zx10 up the road at 85% pace with the bt016 compared to my Dunlops
  10. Thanks for all the responses. Think I will wait till Bruce is back and will ask his expert advice on what tyres will suit. Mainly going to work and back and a blast at the weekends.

    Any recommendations?

    Great forum
  11. Michelin PR4s or Commanders if you want something a bit harder for less commuter wear. Speak to Bruce though he's the man.
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  12. The Michelin PR4 is the best selling tyre in Australia and there's a reason for that. They are good. Long life, good wet weather performance and good grip levels. Perfect on a commuter/weekend bike.
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  13. Great advice guys, will look into the PR4.
  14. If you stack it after the twi is reached, best be getting some legal rubber on it before any loss adjuster sees it.
    Should easily get another thousand or 2
  15. Personally I prefer not to mess with tires, and change them before they get to the wear limit. (As my timing would have to be impeccable to change them right on, I'd either change early or late).

    But I know people who go as far as wanting a half full tank for a ride because it's less weight, plus other mods to their bikes to make them perform better, and then when they get to the wear limiters, they try to push every last cent out of their tires before changing.

    This has never made sense to me. For the sake of a few bucks I'd prefer to change my tires earlier and have better tires. Good rubber is one of the most essential parts of a bike, and we all know the difference in feeling between a set of old and new tires. I guess some times it's human nature, and we can get OCD in some areas such as weight, and completely miss the mark in others.
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    Don't rule out Pirelli Angel GT's. I had a pair fitted to my Ducati Monster after the Diablo Ross 2's wore out. Great all round tyre, nice grip in the wet, fantastic dry grip, although not quite as much feed back from the tyre as the Diablo Rosso 2, but still enough unless you're doing track days. They look like they'll last a while, deep tread.
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  17. Bridgestone S20 EVO.. Best tyres ive used..
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  18. I also just switched to the Angel GT's from Rosso 2s. Miss the feedback from the Rossos but they are good tyres. Expect them to last a bit longer.
  19. a bit late but.. from Seppo Michelin site
    General Information & Precautions - FAQ | MICHELIN - Motorcycle - United States

    Wear and Deterioration
    Do not allow the tires to wear smooth before replacing them. MICHELIN® motorcycle tires have wear indicators—smooth sections appear in the tread grooves, across the tread, when the remaining tread depth is only .8mm (1⁄32 inch). Note: The federal regulation is 1⁄32 inch. However, some states, New York and Texas for example, have a 2⁄32-inch requirement for motorcycle tires. Tread wear indicators identify when the tire is worn out and needs to be replaced. Check the condition of the tires regularly and replace them when necessary.

    so wear indicators are less than 1mm depth, minimum legal tread depth is 1.5mm (seems harsh compared to car tyres?)
  20. What's the requirement for car tyres ?
    I thought it was 2.5mm ?