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N/A | National Tyre warmers

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by RRdevil, Jul 15, 2014.

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    Anyone here used a set of emtek tyre warmers? If so what is the verdict. I'm comparing these to kaneg non digital warmers. The emtek have 2 temp settings and are non digital.

  2. The research i did didn't show up much negative press for the Emtek's. That said it was positive for Kaneg and apparently they had a new manufacturer 12/18months ago. Also delivery is swift and and after sales apparently excellent. 3 year guarantee, but hope i dont have to find out.

    I just got the kaneg non digital that are 399 online and ebay BUT last month's special is extended so put in july25% at the checkout on the coupon and still get 25% off
  3. Cheers. 25% off hard to pass up. I just got a kaneg front stand the other day
  4. No problem, i fell on the 25% discount by accident on another site thankfully, thought the deal had finished in June. I picked up a front stand too at the same time.
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    I've seen a shitload of those kangegs burn out but apparently the guy replaces them without any hassle but it could leave you up shit creek one day though.

    I got a pair of $200 no name warmers off eBay and they've been going strong for years - put about 40 days on them! I'm gonna buy another set of the same ones for $200 and keep my current pair as a backup.

    I've also verified them off my infared gun at 80degrees
  6. No problems with 4 sets of Emteks here!
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  7. Cool. The emtek are $220 delivered
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  8. We've got two bikes that we run Emteks on without issue. Great band for buck and a local seller. We've been seeing more and more pop up at track days.
  9. Bought the emteks last night. Excellent price. Will do a review when I receive them
  10. Review time?
  11. I'll review the Emteks - they are tyre warmers, they get tyres nice and hot, they work and have done so very well for the past 2 years for me, and the price is excellent, and the guy selling them posts them almost overnight.

    In a nutshell, you cant go wrong
  12. Yeah sorry. As above. Can't complain. Excellent product
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