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Tyre Warmers

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by aearthnick, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. I just bought some tyre warmers for my R1 track bike and I can say I'm impressed with the quality, price and speed of shipping. They are RACE-TECH tyre warmers direct from the UK and you can get them on Aussie eBay for AU$234.64 shipped.
    I bought some warmers from a well named Australian supplier on eBay and the velcro started to rip off after 5 track days...quality was poor for the money I paid for them ($399). But these RACE_TECHs are just great, solid velcro, thick strong material, draw string on each side (no elastic) for tight fit.
    I bought these on the 2nd Nov and got them today.
    This is not spam just great news.

  2. http://www.emtekracing.com.au/

    I have this brand and have done 3 track days and 4 race meetings and they seem to be holding up OK!

  3. Got the same one.......mine got a little brown on the inside, a very small section though after the 2nd time I used it......it does seem to be warming up properly still, so cant really complain too much.........
  4. i got the La Corsa warmers from Peter Stevens for $270.

    warmers will pop and fail. got a mate that's been racing for a while who reckons all warmers eventually fail and there is no point spending big bucks on them.

    mine have done eleven days so far and still ok.