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tyre warmers???

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by csgup1, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. Next two things on my list of things to buy for the 10 are tyre warmers and raceglass.

    probably looking at tyre warmers first and being the person that I am :p , Im looking for value for money so probably looking at the non digital tyre warmers

    So far Ive got my options down to

    Emtek. Anyone have any experience with these? they are going for 345 currently in an ebay sale.

    Tyrsox. Ive looked up mixed reviews about these and they have been about for a while . they are about 300 shipped from overseas

    IRC. Still looking these up but seen them work very well

    Sumomoto are about 250 odd shipped from overseas as well. Ive seen these work quite well as well.

    and finally the kaneg ones that I have heard good things about as well. :D :D

    So what are people running on here?
  2. Definately Kaneg. Stuff works well and Pete's a real good guy.Get your stands at the same time and he will do a package for you.
  3. I find that the cheap ones are all on par. They last a year, 2 at best if you keep repairing them, and they shit themselves in one manner or another.

    Next set will be quality.
  4. I got Emtek ones...they work but they don't seem to be of good quality build, paid $300 for a pair. Once they shit themselves, I'll go with Kaneg ones I reckon.

    I asked for a combination of items last year from Kaneg and they managed to chop the price down a fair bit. IIRC, $350 for tyre warmers and $150 for front stand (the head lift one) with free delivery. Give them a call and see if they can do you a deal. Can't see why you can't get a set of tyre warmers and a set of front and rear stands for about $600 - 700 delivered.
  5. its looking like the kaneg ones are the go at the moment. ive already got the front and rear stands so just looking for warmers
  6. They're the same generic warmer as all of the other cheapies. Nothing wrong with that, just a heads up.
  7. i believe in you get what you pay for. so i chose to purchase some Bandit tyre warmers (RRP $800) second hand in great condition, over a set of cheap versions for similar money. the reason is the cheap ones are really hit & miss at times, and i dont want a track day ruined by a warmer failure.

    i know several people with Bandit warmers (both the Pro and Colt versions), and they have had them for 5+ years with no issues. yet to see any of the cheap brands last as long.
  8. You only buy good stuff once. get Bandit, or pay twice