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N/A | National Tyre Warmers at CSS Phillip Island??

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by darrenwilliam79, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Hey guys,
    Just booked in for CSS at PI on sunday the 13th of Jan. Just noticed on their website that they say pit garages may not be available and therefore tyre warmers may not be able to be used. Can anyone shed some light on this? I've done plenty of track days there before and always used a garage and warmers. Wondering if it was just a disclaimer for the one off occaision where garages are unavailable, when 99% of the time its fine.

  2. I'd give them a call to find out.

    If you're doing Level 1, warmers will be pain to put on and off and for most of the drills you may struggle to keep the temperature in them.
  3. What level CSS are you doing? I wouldn't imagine warmers being required for anything less than level 4.
  4. Doing Level 1. Just used to that 1st lap confidence u get with warmers:peace:
  5. If you're under the impression that you'll be going fast in level one, well you don't.
    iirc, you'll do 2-3 sighting type laps first session and then one warm up lap each session out.
    Interested to read a review from you once you're done.
  6. Don't get access to garage or power till level 4
  7. 100% you dont need it and you wont have time to use them on level 1.
  8. Ditto above. Slicks would be a waste of time. Use road tyres.
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  9. As others have mentioned, you'll be lined up in groups in pit lane, no garage... Reason being they dont want you fluffing around with them, as once your session is finished you must proceed straight to one-on-one discussion, then straight to class room. There is no time for it. Also you wont get to keep the heat in anyway, they will be stone cold again by lap 2.. As per northerners post, go down with a set of road tires you don't mind heat cycling to death.