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VIC Tyre warmer recommendations

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Jimbo14, May 1, 2016.

  1. Hi everyone

    I have a 2012 Street Triple R and do occasional track days. The stock front mudguard on the street triple is very very close to the front tyre (I am running correct tyre size). The tire would be less that 5mm from the front mudguard. It is so close that any stones that are picked up on my front tyre scrap the inside of the mudguard.

    Therefore it makes my tyre warmer purchase very limited. I borrowed a pair of bandit tyre warms from a friend yesterday when I went to Broadford. The Bandits are very thin in their profile. They only just fit on the street triple front wheel.

    I would buy a pair of bandits however they retail for a whopping $1300. All the other brands of tyre warmer I have seen are much thicker in their profile.

    Can anyone recommend a brand that makes a thin tyre warmer that won't cost me as much as bandits? I was hoping to spend max $400.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.


  2. Is it not cheaper to buy another front mudguard or remove the one you have for track use?
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  3. Most should fit you'll just need to stretch it out as you spin it on.

    Ask some mates who have other brands to borrow them for a fitting or if you don't have mates. Ask some on here who live near you.
  4. The mudguard holds
    I thought about that but the mudguard has brackets on it which holds the brake lines in place.

  5. Make up some brackets then to keep lines in place?
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  6. Are you able to drill out the holes on the front guard slightly to get some extra lift?
  7. Or a Chinese race fairing kit with a new front guard that you can put holes in wherever you want. Put line holder brackets on the new mudguard. I'm sure there's a solution. You can't be the only one who this has happened to...
  8. Thanks guys - ill give it a go.

    Appreciate your time
  9. Figure out a new mudguard cause a thin tyre warmers going to be useless in winter. Tyre warmers don't just need to heat up a filament they need to keep the heat in as well. If you have a warmer with shit insulation a lot of that heat will escape.
    I've gone from cheap kaneg warmers with shit insulation to thermal technologies with great insulation and the difference is huge.
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  10. Another great example of what one learns from asking others!
  11. Or you could just throw a $5 large towl over the tyre to keep the heat in :)
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  12. Jimbo, I use La Corsa's on my Daytona if that helps. I too seem to have a very low clearance. It's tight but they fit... just..
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  13. Thanks Adam, that helps a lot! Saves me from having to buy a racing faring
  14. Same on Daytona. It just fits, you'll need to stretch it.

    But please do move the wheel a quarter turn or so every now and then as a lot more heat will accumulate under the mud guard.

    You increase the chance of burning the warmer and cooking part of the tyre.

    Don't know why triumph designed it that way, makes no sense to me. But that's how it is.

    My favorite warmers are Chicken Hawks. They have a side certain which helps in winter and are very easy to use. A bit pricey but nothing unordinary. Can be purchased from Champions Ride Days locally too.

    My least favorite warmers were Bandits. They seemed to be of high quality but very very annoying to use due to two side straps you had to deal with every time you out then on and off.
    It was so annoying for me personally that I had to return them (i was also unlucky as I had a slight problem with them).

    The $400-600 is a reasonable price for "good" warmers. But $200 warmers are often doing just as good job.

    Don't think you can do much with the thickness, just pick what will work best for you.
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  15. I'm certain I said on post 3 most should fit just stretch them out like you just did dimadima lol
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