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Tyre wall letters painted for sporty look?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by gpxkermit250, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. ok, is this just silly, wanky, pointless, nieve, ott, setting ones self up for ridicule?....!!

    or if done well on a good new set of clean tyres is a way of adding that little bit of extra visual ka chingo to the look of a bike? (google images isnt giving me much)

    In my P plater days there was the odd hz wagon, vk calais or Lh torana that all had the usual unnessessarily big fark off tyres fitted and when I applied white letter paint it looked mad (or at least I thought it did).. I must admit that for the VK, not really as it clashed with the style of rim, so I cleaned it off straight away.

    Ive just had Pirelli Speed Demons fitted to the ol GPX250 this week.

    Will it look pants with white letters on the tyre wall in the same vain as 'pimp my Magna' or 'hsv exhaust tip on my Camira'.....? or has anyone out there taken the paint pen to task with reasonable success and minimal pointing and laughing from randoms walking by?
  2. I can certainly agree that it looks good on old school cars, but I'm not too sure about bikes.
    Still kind of undecided at this stage

  3. I think the white rims are too much for the lettering in that pic - black rims may yield a more appealing result...
  4. what about...




    I don't know why you couldn't find anything on google, obviously werent trying hard enough :p

    and yep, pretty sure I'm sold now
  5. I think it looks great. Go for it if that's the look you like.

  6. Yup, coloured rims + white lettering looks the goods - shame I'm too bone lazy to whiten the lettering on the storm...
  7. #7 Mr Messy, Sep 12, 2010
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  8. ive always loved painted letters on tyres
  9. I assume you used an oil based water-fast paint?
  10. you can get specific paint.
  11. White out? that shit sticks to everything.
  12. thats what I was thinking.
  13. Only thing I can find is an oil based paint texta.
  14. lol, White Out would probably work you know. It'd at let you try it as well because it'd come off with a good bit of fingernail action.

    Tempted to give it a shot...
  15. White out/liquid paper should work well...can come off with some thinner if you change your mind or just colour over it with black texta :p

    Was going to try it on my stuffed front tyre to see how it would look haha.
  16. It looks good on muscle cars, so it would be logical to assume it works on older muscle bikes, like an old GSX1100 or something.
  17. allrighty then....., plenty here to go on with, thanks all! Will post a few after pics.

    So Green Paint Pen to match the Kawaka Green or just white? Didnt even consider Green untill I just found it thanks to that suggested link : )

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