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Tyre Valve seems small

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by aaa765, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    Seriously noobie question here. I have been to the petrol station to check the tyre pressure, but the valve on my front tyre looks too small for the air pump.

    I ended up riding away without checking it as was worried it would just deflate my tyre and i wouldn't be able to get a good enough seal to re-inflate it.

    Or is this something i shouldn't be worried about?

    The bike is a 250cc Suzuki Intruder. Anyone know if these have valves that are too small to inflate at a petrol station? Is it worth getting tyres with standard sized valves (if in fact they are too small) put on or get an air pump I can use at home?

    Thanks for any suggestions.
  2. They look small compared to a cars valve stem, but are a std connection.
    You might find trouble with the solid type hose connectors, see if you can find a garage that has the flexible hose end.
    Even with this you may have to go over the wheel hub rather than trying to come in from the side, also you may have to experiment to work out the best spot to have the valve when checking the pressures as well.

    Do stick with it and check the pressures, a slighly deflated tyre can cause a lot of handling problems :angel:
  3. ^wot 'e said, gov (y)
  4. There are two main kinds of tyre valve. Schreauder and Presta (nfi how to spell either of those)

    Schrouder is the one you find on car tires, its just a metal tube with a small pin located inside the metal tube to open the valve.

    Presta valves are more commonly found on bicycles and other small things, they have more pointed valve caps, and the valve actuator is almost like a button sitting on top of the metal tube.

    You should be able to fill up both valve types at a decent servo, most air pumps can fit both, if i was you however i would replace the valves with schrauder, simply because if your ever caught short, you want to have the most universally accepted valve.
  5. I found the same thing on my Pantah.I don't know if someone fitted the nut inside the rim instead of on top,BTW thats tubed tyres.But there considerably shorter than what will fit a tyre pump.You can buy 90deg connections that will screw to the tyre valve and allow an easier connection.I also use them in bikes with huge drum brakes that don't allow an easy connection.DO NOT LEAVE THEM CONNECTED,they have a habit of leaking.I keep one in my jacket pocket.I connect the 90 and over inflate a bit as you do lose some pulling it off and then check the presure with MY GAUGE that I know will fit.
  6. Has a motorcycle manufactured in the 70 years been fitted with Presta valves? I doubt it and I doubt that a home mechanic could do it for some reason either.
  7. well considering he has some dodgey lams 250 that probably has dubios parentage you never know. I was just giving the OP some information that he might find useful.
  8. I've got 90 deg stems too. Much easier to use.
    Word of caution though.
    Check clearances around suspension, brakes etc.
    My front 'just' misses the brake caliper by around 1/2mm!! (.020in)
  9. Thanks heaps for all the replies.

    Access isn't really an issue and I realise I wasn't very clear in my original post. The diameter of the valve seems too small, so not getting a snug seal from the hose to the valve. Hopefully it is just my lack of practicality - was tricky enough finding where to put the fuel and have heard, which don't really believe, that the thing takes oil somewhere too. ;)

    But have got a hand pump with a gauge on it and one of the 90 degree connections so that I can stuff around with it in the relative privacy of my apartment's carpark.

    Guy at the shop was pretty convinced the diameter of the valve is not the issue so hopefully will be back on the road tonight.

    Thanks again for all the suggestions.