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Tyre type

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Pompy, Apr 2, 2016.

  1. Well the Pirelli Scorpion Trails on my VFR Crossrunner look like they have seen better days. I am now trying to decide on replacements, I do no off road adventure type riding, might see a little bit of dirt road, but I usually avoid try and avoid it, so I guess I am looking for a tyre that is 100% road focussed. My riding type is mostly touring with a bit of spirited (by my standards) twisty stuff. So I am looking for a tyre that will last the miles but be capable of taking some corners, ohhh and can be used in the wet.

    Important to note the Crossrunner is a relatively heavy bike 237kg dry.

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
  2. Pirelli Angel gt ?
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  3. Metzeler Z8 (they make a GT? spec rear for heavier bikes, but I think it's referred to as an O spec or something). Nice tyre, good grip wet and dry.
  4. Oh c'mon mate Pirelli supercorsa sp and we'll go out and do some crank'n! Lol
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  5. Firstly I'm not 100% familiar with the model, so a few questions. Are the rims 17 inch or do you have a bigger front wheel like a lot of adventure type bikes? Are the current tyres tubeless?

    If the answer is yes, then just a set of sports tourers such as the Angel GT or Metzelers already mentioned ( along with the usual suspects like the Michelin PR4, B/Stone T30, or Dunlop Roadsmart 3s).

    If not though your tyre choice might be a little more limited!
  6. I'm about to put a new set of dual-compound Michelin Pilot Road 4 (PR4) tyres on my bike. The current set of PR4 tyres have seen gravel, heaved, broken and seeped asphalt, heavy rain (two inches of water running over the road), temperatures between -4 to 43°C, spirited weekend and sedate commuter riding and have lasted ~15,000 kilometres with excellent traction.

    They would have lasted longer if not for my 30-kilometre straight highway commute that tends to square rear tyres. Even so, these have held up much better than the original Bridgestone tyres that lasted all of 9,000 kilometres.
  7. Agree. I am a big fan of PR4. Grip has never let me down and I got about 18000 km out of my last set, although they ended up squarer than car tyres. Too much commuting and highway runs to get to twisties.
  8. Also, they make a Scorpion Trail 2 now that is heavily based on the Angel GT profile and construction, including bi-compound rear etc which may suit if you have liked your current set. But, fwiw, I currently have Angel GT's fitted (including GT spec rear), they are ok.. Just ok though. I've had two front end loses, so I am not fully confident in them and will not be putting another set on (disclaimer; I'm a hack, so it may be my riding style, the weight, along with the long wheel base of my bike loading the front too much etc).

    SCORPION TRAIL II , Motorcycle Tyres | Pirelli

  9. Yeah 120/70 17 front and 180/55 17 rear at the moment, it is looking like the PR4's are the way to go?
  10. I know 3 or 4 people that swear by PR4s, they seem like a very good all round tyre.
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  11. ++++1 for Angel GT's - I don't lean too hard and I'm no peg scraping weekend racer, but unless I absolutely STOMP on the rear brake the back tire will not budge. I fcuk up a down shift occasionally and feel a little stutter, but these things have been rock solid since I got this bike 6000kms ago. My old pop would say the back tire "sticks like shit to a blanket"... Ive been practising the old emergency stop a couple of times every ride lately too and having locked up the front a few times and now I'm feeling pretty confident that I'm squeezing the stop trigger to just about its extremity, and the front tire has marvellous stability and grip. I commute and have lent out the small bike so the firestorm is now a daily, and I've come too hot into a few slippery corners in the rain and the GT's saved the day. I might even put them on again but they're lasting pretty well so don't have to think about it for a while...
  12. Also the cb400 has PR2's and they're 14000kms into their life with me and are still going strong. Plenty sticky and great in the wet. Will definitely get PR4's when time for change
  13. Dont get PR2s. Mine have cupped badly on the Viffer and now feel spongy and not very confidence inspiring. Admittedly 6000km were done on a trip to tassie but i expected better and the vfr is not a super powerful beast.