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Tyre/Tire Punctures. Again x 4!

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by AlbieQ, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. Hi all, I've done a quick search and can't seem to find anyone whose had as much bad luck as me with tyre punctures.

    Long story short, I've been riding for about 18 months now, and I've just got my 4th puncture (one every 4ish months?!). This is driving me insane on one hand, but on the other hand, I can't help but feel like there might be something I'm doing wrong on the road? I know to avoid riding behind a tradie's ute and not riding in the breakdown lanes either. I don't purposely ride through construction sites but there are some on my daily rides. I filter every now and then but I have no clue if that has any relevance at all? All the incidences have been in my rear wheel too so far. Just frustrated and slightly bemused at my bad luck (if it is just bad luck) seeing as its never happened for the car. Am I doing something wrong or have I just broken too many mirrors?

    Also to save on another post - should I just plug the puncture myself? I've got a kit and all and I'm happy to give it a shot but I don't know if that'll affect the life of my tyre (seeing as its still relatively new). Or is it better just to go to my mechanic and get the internal plug?

    Thanks for putting up with my rant!


  2. Good Lordy I think I love you! I've had two or three flat tyres on the car and a nail in the rear tyre (with only ~800km on it) on the previous bike. That heartbreaking feeling when you start to pull the nail out and hear the WSSSSHHHH leaking sound. And the scary ride to the shop after you screw the nail back in.
    I'm not too familiar with plugging leaks but I know where the nail is can make it more difficult. Mine was right in the side of a tread groove and the shop had to go hunting for something small enough to fix it (they didn't have anything suitable on hand). Kinda glad I didn't tackle it myself first time around but it did cost me a fair bit.
    Hope you're all good. Just thankful it's not the front tyre, and you (hopefully) haven't had a blow-out.
  3. I've had two in a month, both rear tyre. Fixed on the side of the road then taken to shop for proper fix. I have tyre and rim insurance so cost me zero. If I have another one I will get a new tyre. Insurance allows two tyres a year, unlimited puncture repair and first $120 of a tow. Not sure if riding with two repairs is any good but so far no problems, time will tell I guess.
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    I picked up a puncture and plugged it myself and when I went in to the
    mechanics shop to get it plugged properly we found another nail in there. They said the maximum number of repairs in one tyre was two. But the tred was low so I got a new tyre any how.


  5. I doubt it, unless you're using the shoulder to do so.

    I'm going to quote myself here from another thread, if you don't mind. I've highlighted the parts that help to answer your question.

    The maximum repairs that should be performed with mushroom plugs is two. Any more, and you should get a new tyre.
  6. Alright thanks all for the advice, pretty comforting to know I'm not the only one with crap luck. I'll give it a go at plugging it myself and then go over to my mechanic later - who'll probably laugh at me again for getting another puncture haha.

    Anyway safe riding everyone! Avoid those damn nails!
  7. Tyre and rim insurance? Could you elaborate? I'm with Swann.. checked PDS, not covered. Is this an extra?

    cheers :)
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  9. Good thread. Just tried looking at a few puncture repair kits online, and there are some different kits around.

    What is a decent kit? Or are they all good and do the job?
  10. How have you managed to get so many punctures haha, i have yet to have a puncture in 2 years of road riding (touch wood).

    Now i've said that ill probably get one now.
  11. I got a nail in my rear tyre within 2 days of getting my bike.....

    .. Was riding around new estates, nice and quiet, learning. Paid the price. *shrug*
  12. Hmmm.

    11 years puncture free, bought an R1 with old tyres, new set put on straight away.

    Three punctures in a month!!!!

    Three new rear tyres bought....

    I will never ride a bike with the tyre shredding power of an R1 with a repaired tyre.

    Have been puncture free for a couple of months now (touch wood)

    Moral of all this..........shit happens.
  13. i just got my first puncture the other day. it was some kind of a bladed bone. whitish colored, hard but breaks. so i rasp-ed my rear tire and plugged it in using half of the string.

    after riding 90kph, the plugged area leaked air. it seemed to push the plug out. is there such a thing that I rasped the puncture too much? because it doesn't take me a lot of effor to push the plug in. or mc tires are just soft?
  14. I'm a relatively new rider and got to work today to find a rather large screw embedded in my tire. http://imgur.com/Ukgw0

    I called around the bike shops near work but they're all too busy to take a look at it today. I'm a bit worried about riding the bike home, do you think it will be ok?

    Also, should I try and take the screw out? Or leave it in till I get to a shop?

    The bike's brand new and the tires have only done 600k so I'm hoping I don't need to change the tire.
  15. i feel your pain. last 2 years in melbourne and ive had 5 punctures.

    most recent, the day i picked up my new RSV4.... 115.1km on the clock and i went out the next morning to find this.... gutted.


    worth noting, 2 of the punctures were MULTIPLE (6 & 4) nail gun nails driven into the back tire.
  16. I had a bit of bad luck a while ago...Iv only had one puncture, but I got it on the way home from the Mechanics-who just put a brand new tyre on ](*,) so copped a nail within 25 minutes of riding, luckily took it back and was all sorted for free :)
  17. I had one on my old bike, picked it up in Ringwood somewhere, parked outside Peter Stevens and came out 15 minutes later to find the rear tyre flat. Couldn't have been a more convenient place, walked next door to Stevo's tyres, he came out and rolled the bike in for me, had it all sorted within half an hour.
  18. Dont ride near tyre shops they
    Probbaly sprinkle the roads a bit 4
    - not entirely serious -
  19. You tend to get them more in the inner city I have found riding those back lanes. When i was in Woollooooloo i got 4 in three years after 2 in the previous 10 years on the north shore. Ymmv.
  20. Filtering down a freeway breakdown lane during peak hour is a possible puncture cause as that is where all the actual debris ends up after the cars and trucks have swept the actual road clean.
    I ride my pushbike down the Sydney M5 breakdown lane and it always seems to be full of smashed beer bottles, bits of wood, and truck tyre treads, of which the wire from the steel belts gets caught in the pushbike tyre.