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Tyre time again for the KLE

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Poppy, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. I've had my KLE for a year this month an I am not impressed with the standard Trailmax rubber, two rears and one front in 14,000km. Some sportsbike riders may think this is OK but I am generally commuting (70km per day) and the odd run on a weekend. I'm looking for a bit better wear and performance.
    I've narrowed the choice down to three possibilities Bridgestone BT45's, Avon Distenzias or Michelin Anakee. The BT45's have the edge in my opinion but I'm open to suggestions. Does anyone have experience with BT45's on a big trailie?

  2. I am also keen to find out what others recommend.
    Coming up on 6000k and the back tyre is getting down to the wear indicators..
    Front tyre should be good for a little while still though.
  3. I also ride a KLE and suffered the useless trailmaxes. At about 12.000 kms I changed to Pirelli Scorpion MT90 st (more road oriented) and the rear was replaced with some thread left at 30.000kms the front is still good so I'm monitoring its wear

    I had never been a pirelli fan but after trying these tyres I am sold to them and wold be using them and maybe the AT version too.

    Best change ever, better grip in wet and in dry, less noisy and ultra improved mileage from the tyre. I recommend those tyres 100%.


    EDIT: This is how the tyres look like. I'm in love with them

  4. The Distanzias come in two compounds, a touring compound and a SM compound. The SM compound sticks surprisingly well but you'd be doing well to get 5000km's of gentle riding at a guess. I haven't tried the touring compound.
  5. How much did the Pirelli's set you back, Munecito?
  6. I can´t remember how much was the front one but I have just put the second rear (after 18.000 Kms) and it was $149. This was two weeks ago.

    The front one has to be something like that too. But really can´t remember because it was 10 months ago.

  7. Sooooooooooooooooooo. What did you guys get?

  8. I've only just cracked the 3000km mark, so I'm hoping for maybe about another 3000-6000 kms before I have to start thinking about new tyres. But it's always good to plan ahead.

    Better grip on the road would be nice though!
  9. More like 3000 kms. Get rid of those horrible trailmaxes and join the pirelli army.

  10. How do the Pirelli's handle dirt/gravel? I don't do a lot of off road rides, but it'd be nice now and then.

    I got 8300k out of my first rear tyre and the front still looks in good shape. With the Pirellis, do you notice an improvement to fuel range? As I use my bike mainly for commuting, handling and economy are on top of the list.
  11. [​IMG]
    I have probably done about 100km of dirt since I bought the bike and everyone I ride with has street / sports bikes so I decided to go for a complete street tyre rather than a trail compromise. I bought the Metzler Lasertecs. The price was right and they suited the purpose. We'll see how they last.
  12. I get 240kms out of the fuel tank before switching to reserve consistently. I usually cruise at about 5000rpm. My bike had been rejetted, air box modified, has a better air filter and has a staintune exhaust so it may vary depending on the mods and what sort of rpm you cruise at. Mine was tuned to work on premium fuel too.

    These tyres handle gravel and dirt well. I have done the odd dirt road and haven't gotten any nasty cuts on the rubber or anything. As I said before with these tyres I feel more confident throwing the bike around and braking in the wet, and they seem to stick better in the dry too.

  13. Will, what mods did you do to the air box, I saw your dyno with the air box modified and the pipe I think you mentioned a 6hp gain. Did the air box mods on their own make a difference?

  14. The mechanic said it alone helps but the carby needs to be retuned for the improved breathing capacity.

    What I did was getting rid of the snorkel all together and drill some holes on the back of the airbox. To make up for the extra air I got a KLE specific air filter by DNA.

    The tuning is because the bike may run too lean if its sucking more air. Don't expect the KLE to become a R6 but the responsiveness improves.