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Tyre thread, Stepping into the Unknown

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by deadman, Jun 23, 2016.

  1. Well I do keep up with Tyre threads on a lot of Forums, Especially ones for the Blackbird which I ride,
    There are not many tyres that will carry or are suited for the Bird,
    I started out on Z6's on my Bird after it came with Bridgestones that I detested hugely,
    So after 30.000 Kays on Metzler Z6's I changed to Metzler Z8's,
    I was told they were the upgraded Z6's, So I gave them a go, Yes I was very impressed with the Z6's,
    So why not go for the Upgraded Version, They can only get better, Yes, Maybe, hahahaha

    So after another 70,000 kays on the Z8's, I am definately Impressed with the Z8's, They dont slip in any of the conditions i ride in,
    Thats every thing from Snow and Ice and -8 Celcius Torrential rain, 45 + Celcius and every thing in between,
    And road conditions that would make you weep, hahaha

    I have heard a lot about the New Pirelli Angel GT's,
    A mate in Sweden who is a dealer and road tests the tyres and on his own Birds, Gave me a good write up and comparison between the two Tyres, They are both now made by Pirelli, So there is not much difference between the two tyres, Being made by the same company,
    Compounds and build are almost Identical,
    I was happy with my Z8's, But a rider on Netrider had a Angel GT going cheap, Like one third the price of a new rear tyre, So after inspection and knowing its history, I bought it, It was a good deal for me,
    Normally I would not touch a second hand tyre in a fit, Thats all that is saving my neck, I dont ever scrimp on tyres,
    My front was worn out and I needed a new one any way,

    So Now here I am into the Unknown, When your on a good thing stick to it, Im a pensioner now, So money is a bit tite,
    Hopefully, I have done the right thing and these new tyres do what they are supposed to do, and are every bit as good as the Z8's,
    I bought a new front tyre today, Pirelli Angel GT,
    The rear will be replaced with the Angel GT I bought second hand when the rear Z8 I have on now wears out,
    Then i will have a matching set,
    The saving I made on the second hand rear tyre, Has paid for the new front tyre I had fitted today,,
    These new Angels will have to give me between 10 and 15 thousand Kays to a rear,
    They must stick like shit to a blanket in all the conditions that I ride in and under,

    Fingers crossed that they are as good as or better than the Z8's I have replaced them with,

    Now only time will tell,
    As usual, every time I get new tyres on, it rains, God hates me, And the smelly bloke with the Scythe is right up my clacker, His mouth wash just doesnt make it, Its foul,
    Luckily I just got a few specks on the way down and none on the way home, But then it pelted down as soon as I put the bike in the garage, So I got there and back dry, What a pleasant surprise,
    New tyres and wet roads are usually suicidal, Hahahahaha Very Slippy if your not extremely carefull,

    Cheers, Brian,
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  2. Well..... my 2c
    I found the Z8's better in the dry than the Angel GT, but the Angel GT better in the wet..
    I had the heavier spec rear versions of both on my bike (same as profile pic), got 14,000km out of the set of Z8's with the front well worn, but probably a thou or two left in the rear, but replaced as a set. The Angel GT, the front was worn in 10,000km and replaced with a new one, the rear is still going now with 14,000km so far. I expect this rear to maybe last as far as 18-20,000km. So wear is pretty good for the heavier spec version.
    Now, I have also bagged the Angel GT after having a couple of front end loses, small ones, but still unnerving. In retrospect and considering the instances, it was more than likely me asking too much of the tyre when still cold, long wheel base bike too.
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  3. Z8 was the factory tyre on my new BMW. They handled very well both wet and dry and wear was even on both tyres.
    I had them
    On for 7300km and got a huge gash on the front from a rock on Waterfall Way. The front was almost fcuked anyway and the rear maybe had a couple of thousand left in it, so I just changed them both. The downside to the Z8 is that when they are almost worn, you can look at the tyre and think it has a couple of thousand left in it, got for a 400km Saturday ride and find halfway through when you get off the bike, the belts are suddenly hanging out of it. The last bit of rubber wears very very fast.

    It's that reason alone I didn't replace them with another Z8 set, instead, putting Road 4 (GT) spec on. I have been riding on Pilot road series since the first pilot road was released, then the 2,3 and now 4 and I have always had good service and good handling/grip with excellent longevity on my birds, blades, Gixers etc.
    well the K1600 shredded them in 5000km. The front was peeling at the sipes, and worn beyond the twi, with the rear not far behind.

    I was very disappointed in the wear on the K1600. I changed them both out again at the same time and opted for the Angel GT (A) spec.
    So far the front is wearing somewhat quicker (and is all but fcuked) than the rear but not as unevenly as the road 4. The rear is wearing quite evenly and has a few thousand left in it and they are at 7000 now.

    They Angels don't have the same feel as the Z8 and they don't inspire the same confidence, but they last longer.
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  4. A few riders I know are on Angel GT's and all of them have worn out the front before the rear. Just sayin.
    They like the tyre though.
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  6. No I didnt, Thanks for the Info, They will be my next set, I already have the Angels on,

    I dont like that Front slipping under any conditions, I broke my shoulder from a set of Scorions that were on the Bird when I got it,
    If the GT's slip, They will be off the Bird, Fast,
  7. I like my Angel GT's, not much to compare to though. Seem to stick well, only the odd dirt patch or oily streak in a corner has caused any slight slip, just standard stuff, nothing vaguely sphincter-puckering.
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  8. Those new Metzeler get good reviews.
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  9. Yep they do. I would like to try them. Just need to find someone within 100klms who will actually sell me a set.
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  10. Mate, perfect excuse to go ride 300km or whatever just to get tyres fitted!
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  11. I fit my own so would need to drive the car to Bris to pick em up. I hate driving down to Brisbane. The Bruce sucks balls!

    I used to get my tyres from the states but the low AUD plus a 90% hike in freight costs by Jake WIlson has made that unviable.

    My local shops ( 3 within 5 klms) will sell them to me but they don't stock Metzeler, which kind of sucks. It means getting them ordered in.
    They all keep Michelin, Dunlop and Pirelli. I wonder if they get together and do a group buy actually!
    I know they talk as last time I bought tyres and was playing one dealers price against another for a bit of a discount they were caught talking on the phone about it! I thought that was illegal but anyhow.
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  12. I priced Jake Wilson last week for tyres, Z8's. They are currenty Half price, Shipping to OZ is free if your order is over $150-00, They are here in three days also,
    But the exchange rate is a killer at the moment, It added $60-00 to the Price,
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  13. No Z8 available in my size on Jake WIlson mate. I need 190/55. Biggest listed is 180/55

    Not sure where you are getting the free delivery for Aus over $150 deadmandeadman .

    Just priced up a M7RRs for hits and giggles on Jake Wilson. Postage was over US$100. JW check out.
  14. They have changed since last time I bought some, I was a member and I get emails from them all the time with their specials on,

    These are current prices from ten minutes ago,

    These are Tyres for the Bird,

    Front, Z8 $109-88
    Rear Z8 $157-80

    $377-64, AUD,
    $506.50 Delivered,

    Front 01, $ 137.99
    Rear 01 $ 170.99
    $418,09 AUD,

    It was Free shipping last times I bought them, They have now added $118-00 Shipping for the two tyres as one package,
    Which makes it uneconomical to buy them,
    as I can get them fitted here for about the same price, with out the hassle of getting them fitted as well,.
    They are $30-00 per tyre to get them fitted and balanced if you take the wheel in.

    There is $5.00 difference in price between Angel GT and The Z8's, Here,
    No idea on the price of the 01's here, I never asked,

    The shipping was free for over $75-00 worth of stock when you buy, But it has changed, They must be feeling the pinch too,

    It was free delivery to Australia untill I got to the check out, Some thing fishy there,
    And Im not God, I dont know every thing,
  15. Same here mate.
    As you said though, its just not worth it now.
    I can buy sets of tyres for $435-$445 here. Why buy from them for over $500?
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  16. Mine cost over $500-00 here, So any saving is worth while trying,
  17. #17 CraigA, Jun 24, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2016
    Yeah you would pay that for Metzeler Sports touring tyres.

    Can get Angel GTs and for PR4s for $449.

    Have you ever tried the Michelins? I haven't for over a decade.
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  18. Pablo's in Notting Hill have the 01's for $550 -ish fitted/balanced.
  19. My front GT was from Pablo's it cost $225 fitted, $230-00 for the Z8 fitted, Actual cost,
  20. All the tyres you mentioned are well regarded, the Angel GT are meant to be very good in all conditions, but the PR4 has a small edge in the wet.