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Tyre thoughts - CBR600RR 05 - 95% Freeway Use only!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by freo43, Dec 24, 2007.

  1. I've been researching the forums here for what rear tyre to buy for my 2005 Honda CBR 600 RR . It's done almost 10,000kms

    I ride every day, 30km each way to work and back, almost completely Freeway k's (Westgate Fwy Melbourne).. So the sides are completely untouched on the existing tyres. I'm unlikely to change my riding habits anytime soon.

    Every second post here recommendeds Michelin Pilot Powers which are currently on there, and they're fine... But the most popular ain't always the best, eg McDonalds/Nike/Oakley/Collingwood FC are all popular... but not necessarily the best for my situation..

    Anyone have an opinion?? Price isn't really a bother, as it's my primary form of transport and it's leased so tax deductible!
  2. Michelin Pilot Road2
  3. +1 and Collingwood :LOL:
  4. I arxed a similar question a week or so ago and got several thumbs up for the Michelin Pilot Road as well. Thats what I'll be fitting next.
  5. bridgestone B020
  6. I'm with camoridz, except it's now the BT-021.
  7. you what?!?
  8. Thats how my young daughters school friends say "asked" and it always makes me laugh when I hear 'em say it. [​IMG]
  9. you should ARX them to pay more attention in english. im a dumb tattooed crunt, and i dont even say arx ;)
  10. Pilot Road, Road2, or Bridgestone BT020 or 021.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Michelin Pilot Road 2ct (dual compound).

    The normal Pilot roads suck, really slippery in the wet.
  13. Really? I would disagree with you on that matter. If you think the Roads' suck, then I'm interested as to why you are recommending the Road 2s'. I'd vote for the Roads' (using them currently) or the Road 2's (next change).
  14. I've got a Pilot Power on the front of my bike and I don't have any issues, in the wet or cold.
  15. There's harder bowlin' balls out there than Pilot Roads if mileage is your only consideration. Ask your tyre dealer, they're much of a muchness.

    Personally I'd always recommend you get at least a half decent sticky-ish front, 'cause that's the one you need to really grab the road in an emergency.
  16. There 2 different types of Pilot roads

    the normal Pilot roads, have used this tyre once and never again the corner grip was really unstable and wet grip was below good at best.

    Have seen them used on other bikes when following them and tyre looks slimey like it is struggleing for grip.


    the Pilot road 2ct dual compound all I can say is WOW this tyre is great on both highway and twisties. Altho the front can feel alitlle weird when turning in to a sharp corner. Is the only concern I have with them tho.

    Great corner grip and in the wet aswell, the harder compound through the centre of tyre is great for alot of highway work.

    Im running them on the front and rear of my bike ATM. Did the island run and back on them to the GP and the tyre wear is fanominal NO squaring off at all.

    will be swapping the front to a Pilot Power soon tho for abit grip on front.
  17. Are the pilot (sport) tyres any good?
    Has anybody used them?
  18. oopzz thinking of another tyre

    my bad
  19. thanks all for the ideas.
    will make some phone calls and find out who sells 'em and fits em cheap :)
    I like to Buy the best product, and then buy it as cheap as I can get it!
  20. +1 Those will be my next set of tyres!