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Tyre suggestions?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by V8cressida, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. The time has come (overdue) for some new tyres for my K1 GSXR 1000.

    I am after some recommendations from the more experieced riders than I.
    At the moment I have Dunlop sportmax D208 rear and D218 Front. The rear is 95% gone with most of the wear in the centre. The front Is 105% gone with most of the wear on the sides.

    These tyres were on the bike when I purchased it and at a Guess were 40% worn. I have put around 3000k's on them.

    Looking for tyres fitting this list of requirements with 1 most important 2 less so etc.

    1. Good in the wet
    2. Durability
    3. Good exit corner grip.
    4. price.

    I am a pretty sedate rider not willing to test the limits on public streets. On my last "boys" ride. To the 99 bends on the west coast (tassie) I kept up pretty well with my seasoned mates on their blackbirds, although that had more to do with the bikes capabilities than my skill.

    I put an emphasis on good wet performance as down here we can have 4 seasons in 1 hour and I don't mind riding in the rain.

  2. I have fitted Conti Road Attack tyres to my bike and they are a great tyre. In fact I believe they are dual compound too so the centre should last longer and the sides are softer compound for cornering.
  3. they put dunlop roadsmarts on mine today. if you are still looking after the weekend i'll let you know what I think.
  4. i recommend trying Michelin Pilot Road 2 :)

    Dual compund tyre with hard on the middle while still having the medium on the sides. have heard people getting 8k on the clock wit still plenty of thread left. Ive got them on and they are awesome on wet :grin:
  5. I have a set with near 3000km on them on a VFR. Different bike, different version of the power vs grip vs longevity compromise. However, the only reason they don't look new still was Andy's twisty road tour a month or so back. I make a point of spending time not on straight roads to make up for the 40km freeway haul I have to do each way into town, but the dual compound construction really has made a difference I think. They are very surefooted in the wet, and have more grip than I need in the twisty bits.

    Cost something like $470 fitted front and back.