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Tyre stuff up, opinions please

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Jbot, Oct 20, 2006.

  1. I recently bought a '99 750 Monster (brum brum, I like it).

    Not off restrictions yet, so it's stored in my dad's shed until Feb 18.

    Rear tyre needed to be replaced for RWC. "yeah mate they pass today but the RWC has to last for 30 days, can't say they'd pass then..." sounds like sh1t to me barry... anyway

    Owner only wanted to spring for a cheap rear to pass RWC. Fair enough, I practically stole the bike from him as it was.

    Given that when I agreed to buy it I assumed the tyres would pass (and I would replace them with others later), I said I would pay for tyres. All cool so far.

    So I call the mechanic (brighton bikes n bits) and say put a set of pilot powers on it.

    They say ok.

    They break speedo drive.

    They fix it.

    I pickup bike, all seems well.

    Ride it to my dad's (200km all up).

    Discover they have fitted wrong tyre on front should be a 120/60/17 but has a 120/70/17 on it, which is the tyre for the 900 monster.

    So (finally) here are my questions

    a) Is it reasonable to ask them to rectify free of charge? possible prob being that the prev owner was their customer, not me.

    b) How much will the wrong profile affect the handling of the bike?

    Last time someone fitted wrong profile on my 250 (60 instead of 70 on the rear) it was dramatically different to ride.

    And finally, if they won't play ball.....

    Who wants to buy a practically brand new Michelin Pilot Power front 120/70/17?

    Thanks :)
  2. Awkward situation at the start, because if the bike was going to be sitting then of course the tires would still have passed RWC in 30 days... but you're past that issue at this point.

    I think it's their error and they need to fix it: you might have to enlist the former owner to help out a bit... but if I got the story right you actually paid for the tires, so...

    Anyway, let us know how it goes, but first port of call is to politely let them know about their error and ask them to fix it.
  3. Ok the difference between a 120/60 and a 120/70 is negligible. We put 120/70 on 748's all the time due to the fact that if they want Pirelli Diablos then that is all you can get.
    It may slow the handling a fraction, most riders will not feel it.
    Example, put a 120/70 on a girls 748r, she came back to us and said she preferred the handling that way with the new one on there.
    Hope this helps, Oh by the way my information comes from Ducati trained mechanic.
  4. Ring them up and ask them to replace the incorrect tyre THEY put on, then come back and tell us what they said.

    If they a reputable company one tyre is not going to make much difference to their bottom line.

    And riding a bike you aren't supposed to - you are game to admit to that around here :p :p :p
  5. Thanks mate, that is helpful. It's the kinda info I'm looking for.

    So you don't reckon it makes a big difference, not like the lower profile rear that was fitted to my vtr? That thing was almost dangerous it turned so fast, needed to hold it UP in corners.

    Is profile represented as a percentage of width? as is 120/60 profile of 72mm and a 120/70 of 84mm?

    Yo Toecutter, I'm not riding it mate. Well, only once, from the seller to my dads. And i was well carefull. No more til feb 18.
  6. Changing the profile on a rear tyre on a bike has a greater impact on it than the front, from what I have been told.
    I remember putting a wider lower profile tyre on my ST2 and it slowed the steering down quite a bit. I have since gone back to the original sizing.
    You are correct in stating the profile is a percentage of the width compared to height. So a 120 tyre is 120 mm between its widest points. The profile will give you the sidewall height, again information I have gleaned working where I am.
    Hope that helps
  7. Hopefully you are referring specifically to the monster.

    On my vfr, the difference between a 60 and 70 profile is that the 70 will rub the radiator under hard braking, a common occurrence on nc30's fitted with wrong sized rubber.

    If it has plenty of clearance then I wouldn't worry at all.
  8. Aah, hadn't thought of that. Thank you very much for the heads up, will check when visit the old bloke on sat.

    Course the monster doesn't have a radiator, but it might a something.

    But i won't ride it. i promise. :)