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N/A | National Tyre & Rim Insurance( Swann)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by aussieak, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. I have been quoted $14-16 per month for the above insurance
    BAsic cover is upto $350 per tyre (2 a year) if it cant be repaired.
    Upto $1000 per rim(1 a year)
    plus towing cost.

    For a weekend rider is it worth it?
    Anyone have it have any thoughts?
  2. read one chap had it and paid off just using it once, it is your choice though..
  3. I have it and it paid for itself when I got a flat while up at Bonnie Doon. Cost of towing and tyre repair / replacement was covered.

    If you're looking at it, making sure the cost of transporting the bike to a repairer is covered as well.

    Finally, make sure the process to follow if you need to use the cover is clearly explained ... you don't want to be stuck out in the country on a long weekend with a flat tyre, not knowing who to call or what to do.

  4. $180 (12x15) a year, how many punctures do you think you'll get? how inconvenient will it be if you have to cover the cost yourself.
    if it covers towing cost as well, it might pay for itself the first time you use it. How many miles do you do?
  5. Had a few claims done with Swann's tyre and rim policy. Quick easy simple process. The only catch is towing only pays up to $120 so if you breakdown in the middle of nowhere you end up paying the extra to tow it, but most metro towing is under this figure.

  6. save your money.

    I've been riding a roadbike consistently for the last 23 years, and have only ever had 2 situations that I have been unable to ride the bike home due to a puncture/ rim damage.
    Put the $350 a year in ya pocket and save it for if it ever happens... Or spend it on beer, works for me.
  7. I have it, but have never used it. I was always concerned about what would constitute a repairable tyre, vs them just replacing it?
  8. Never had that argument because all the tyre manufactures tell you not to repair a motorcycle tyre. Swann wouldnt be stupid enough to end up getting sued because a tyre failure happened after a repair. Hence tyres just get replaced.
  9. Awesome. Thanks for that.

    If a tyre was punctured while riding, repaired so it can be ridden, (puncture kit), then brought into your shop, would it still be replaced?
  10. Yes.

  11. Thanks well I might pass since I will only be a weekend warrior rider once I learn this stuff. I will keep the $$ worst come to worst I will claim the towing and tyre on TAX via the car
  12. Insurance is for things where you cannot cover the cost yourself. In this case it is a waste of money unless you don't have $300 for a new tyre.

    Get one of those plug kits instead of towing. You should have one anyway, you never know when you won't have service and its worth it not to have to wait.
  13. I've had it 2 years, one claim on it worth $200 if your imagination is that big. Unless you plan on doing a rim in the middle of nowhere, I doubt you'll see your money's worth.
  14. i have it....

    they dont tell you its a 3 yr policy. yes, 3 yrs.

    but, i had a new rear get a nail that was unfixable, they replaced it. plus the 4 punctures ive had...they've paid for all those.

    good policy in my books (i also have comprehensive with them )
  15. exactly.
    add up how much it would have cost young sbk in premiums over 23 years.

    it is a wank.
    when you buy a new bike, they try and empty your pockets completely. like extra insurance, extra warranty, extra rust/paint treatment etc.

    all a wank
    wank wank wank
  16. A word of warning about this..

    When I bought my new ('09) Gixxer from Pedro Stephans I was asked if I wanted Tyre and Rim insurance with my insurance package, Of course I said "NO", I even had the sly dog confirm that I was going to opt out of this fabulous offer before I left with my new wheels... but when I checked my premiums i was in fact paying for it. A quick call to Swann had my $$ refunded, but my point is... NEVER TRUST A SALESMAN.
  17. well they have not added to mine. Lucky I paid cash for everything.
  18. You should consider some one else also for this as there are other options also.
  19. I got told by one of the sales guys down at my local dealer that it's worth getting because each time your tyres are getting low then all you need to do is magically get a puncture in them and $350 a year is cheaper then a new set of tyres.
  20. Sorry if I jump on the ethical and insurance fraud band wagon here. The salesman should not have even suggested that.