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Tyre replacement yet?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by chillibutton, Nov 9, 2015.

  1. As the title says, I noticed after Black Spur / Reefton run today that my rear tyre is looking a little shabby. Any life left in this you reckon, or are those cracks a bad thing? Haven't seen them up until today. I reckon the tyre has about 8000km on it, it's an Angel GT.

    image. image.

  2. Waaaaay passed when you should have replaced it! Seriously unsafe.
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  3. Angels seem to go like that very quickly. Tyre should have been replaced before your reefton spur run.

  4. Meh the edges have plenty left......
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  5. Yeah that's what I thought, just hadn't seen it - so interested to hear your comment Leroy - I normally would think I'd pick that up in time!

    Right then, tyre buying time. Anyone know who sells Angels at a good price?
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  6. U ever ridden that tyre in the wet? Looks like a death trap to me
  7. Probably a few weeks back, otherwise mostly dry. Funny thing is it feels fine (but don't worry, its getting replaced asap).
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  8. Yes I'll give him a shout for sure...
  9. They do indeed - how do I push that across into the middle...?
  10. Stanley knife and superglue?
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  11. If you get the chance to have a feel how thick the centre of the tyre is once removed, do so for entertainment.

    When I changed the Diablo Rosso 2's off my monster, the centre felt soft, but after being removed from the bike and getting a good look at it, it felt like just a few millimetres of rubber left. A sharp stone should have punctured it! I was amazed I hadn't had a puncture and it didn't look as bad as your tyre...
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  12. mr plod says here's your brightly coloured sticker,

    time to replace.....note your past the wear limit indicators
  13. Yup. MMMTS coming round to me to replace it tomorrow - phew!
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  14. I didn't see those.

    They were worn off....
  15. Reminds me of mine 2 years ago. Noticed it at Halls Gap on way back from Adelaide and still had GOR to get back to Melb. All good :D
    Back to feeling like riding on a knife edge with
    the new tyre.
    I hope that's not what they used on your leg:nailbiting:
  16. GOR no problem. Using the edges with tread more :)
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  17. Do you reckon the Diablo Rosso's II would be a better tyre than the angels?
  18. Mate just wondering you didn't do a burnout on it at all?