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Tyre replacement advice

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Myke, Dec 23, 2013.

  1. Hey all, I'm hoping for advice on whether I should replace my rear tire now or wait for another say 3-4 months.

    The tires are Pirelli Supercorsa SPs and I can get a new pair on sale for $450 fitted (on the bike) and balanced before the end of the year. Non-sale prices range from $565 - 600+ and some exclude fitting which is another $50-100. so the $450 is a good price.

    When I replace them, I'm going to stay with the supercorsa as I'm starting to get used to the way they tip in and I like the dry grip and want to minimise the variables in learning how to ride on the track.

    The existing have done about 5,500km over the past 6 months. This consisted of weekend riding, CSS lv 1 and 1 track day.

    The front is a bit less than 1mm off the wear bar so I'll replace them. The question is the rear - you may not be able to see from the pics (yes I can prob ride them alot harder at higher lean, but the brain says small steps), but there is probably about 2mm left to the highest wear bar.

    I plan on doing 3 more track days before June next year and probably the odd wknd ride... So what do you guys think in your experience with replacing tyres?

    Would you replace the rear now or wait till it hits the wear bar? Are they good for another 2 track days? (Assuming I'm still in the slow group for at least 1 of them)

    Thanks and happy holidays.

    photo (2).JPG image.
  2. btw the top pic is a tad more recent
  3. Whilst I agree about learning one tyre such as the SC’s, TBH you might consider that by using the same road tyres at the track means you are no longer controlling 2 of the key variables for a track tyre - wear patterns and heat cycles.

    Can’t quite tell from the pic, but the tyre looks like it might have lost some of its original round profile due to the road riding i.e. slightly squared off with rounded corners? If so, I'd replace it given its dual duty. Otherwise looks like it has a while to go. The SCs are fairly predictable and will let you know with increased rr sliding when its time to go, but when in doubt, change em out.

    Another variable is the entry requirement at some track day scrutineering for min tread depth where the current ones might be soon at risk of not complying.

    Assuming your next track day is soonish, I’d prob get the set on special, have front fitted, hold onto the rear, take bike to the track and punish the sh1t out of the rr tyre, then have the new hoop mounted at the track before go scrub it in during last session.
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    Thanks RichiB. Good point - but at this stage I don't have the ability for a dedicated track tyre/rims. And at my level I don't think it will matter that much - same can probably be said about what tyres I use. But it took a while to gain confidence in these so I may as well stick to them.

    Funny thing is I'm not sure how squared off they are now. The first 2000km were very conservative riding as I was getting used to the bike and much quicker tip in. I actually like how they tip in now.

    The wear in between the wear bars (where the 'Z' is) is probably worn down abit more.

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  5. it looks to me that you can ride more than 5000k from now on.
  6. no, its about more than 2000k. my bad
  7. That would be my estimate as well dmrmgl - probably 1500-2000 of street riding.

    But no idea what that means with a track day is thrown in.. or grip as it gets closer to the wear bar. Next session will probably be Jan

    then theres the time vs savings question
  8. I've been doing a bit of research on the SC's as I want to get them on my 1198 which is currently got Pilot Pures.

    From my reading I'm surprised you were able to get 5,500kms out of them. I'm no a tyre expert by any means but personally I wouldn't want to be doing a track day on those. Depends on how hard you will actually be going.

    BTW that price is indeed an excellent price. I've got quotes of $550 ups fitted ($600 from dealer). Are they old stock?
  9. If the SP is the dot BSB spec tyres they won't be much good on the road if it gets a little wet.
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  10. None of supercorsas are good in wet. I'd say pretty shifty actually.
    But they aren't designed for wet/cold. So doesn't matter when used.appropriatly.
  11. Is that your professional opinion?
  12. Honestly I would probably go a pair of s20's they offer better feeling than Pirelli offerings. Unless you're uber uber fast on track you won't require dot spec tyres
  13. Personally if you like a tyre go for it. Like RR has said they aren't great in the wet but you would know that already I'm sure after 5k on them.

    Duc superbikes come with them new these days and they are a great tyre in the right conditions. Just seems most 1199/899 riders aren't riding them in the rain.

    There are a number of good tyres but for me its what you are comfortable on that counts the most. Its a big investment to change away from something you are ok with to something new (but many people do)
  14. When I had my 1098 it had Dunlop qualifier 2's they seemed alright but tore up quick from the hp and track days. Pirelli SC3 is a good compromise for a really good track tyre that will last a little longer than the SC2. Otherwise there is metzeler. Like I said though if you are not uber fast you'll get better feeling on track from a more road focussed tyre
  15. RRdevil said: "Like I said though if you are not uber fast you'll get better feeling on track from a more road focussed tyre" - Quoting not working for me again.

    Is that because if you aren't riding hard enough the track tyre would cool and lose grip? Or something else?
  16. They are specifically made to be pushed hard. They are not made to do heaps of heat cycles and are better suited to tyre warmers. Yes if not pushed hard enough they will cool.
  17. From my understanding the Supercorsa SPs I'm referring to (which came with the bike) is the road version. Definitely a step down from the BSB. Not sure how that then ranks with the SCs which are designed for the track.

    Agrobm - I think the mileage you may have seen quoted is in miles? Which may translate to 6000-7000 km? Then again I definitely plodded around in them for at least 2000km whilst running the bike in and getting used her.

    Btw aren't all road tires DOT spec to pass regulations?
  18. I wondered the same thing and was told they just got stock in. But I'll definitely be checking the manufacture date before they install it. But can't see them being more than 6 mths old.
  19. people.

    i'm sick of constantly throwing tyres onto my bike and want to try something new.

    not really partial to any construction (soft pirellis or the stiffer dunlops). just want good grip to thrash the shit out of my bike with and maybe over 1000km from a rear one for a change.

    been running supercorsa sp v2 but getting from 600km to 900km until the belts are showing on the sides. depending on how hard i'm pushing it.

    has good grip until about 100 hard km on the tyre. then it just tapers off and shreds.




    who's running the dunlop d212? i'm nearly tempted to go a full slick.
  20. 600-900km?!?!

    Stop doing static burn outs?