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Tyre repair on a sunday?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Ferris, May 22, 2005.

  1. Is any place in melbourne open today?

    I dont think i can survive until tomorrow

  2. Action Motorcycles in the City are open on Sunday.
    Not sure if Bob Jane are.
    Clipstone in Ringwood are

    any others?
  3. thanks vic...you're a champ
  4. Heeeeey, ferris in da house. You out riding today? Give us a bell if your gettin' round dude.
  5. Bob Jane on Elizabeth isn't open on Sunday's - I found that one out that hard way!
  6. Cheers Jack.

    Might compile a list of dealers that are open on Sunday's for future referrence.
  7. hey cowboy, no rides today...
    Action Closed
    Clipstone service dept. closed.

    All i could do was wash her
  8. Some dealers are open on Sundays (like those you mentioned).
    But ONLY the sales departments, NOT the workshops.
  9. Doh!!
    we'll have to hook up soon and go for a blast.
  10. hell yes!
  11. Cowboy how about this coming weekend. I think Will said that he had time off to head out, se eif we can't get Zop and the rest of them along, be good to get a string of Blades rolling down the road.