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Tyre repair - noob question

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by wokwon, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. My rear tyre has a nail or similar in it (I can only see the head) which is a very slow leak. The nail is near the centreline and appears to have gone in straight.

    Usually with my car I'd just swap to the spare and take that wheel in to get fixed.

    With the bike:
    1) Only having a single rear tyre, is anyone confident that a tyre can be plugged/fixed successfully or would they just buy a new tyre for safety's sake?

    2) Do normal tyre shops do bike tyres or do I need to go to a specialist bike store?

    3) Do I need to take the rear wheel off first or will they do that for me?

    Tyre is pretty new and only has something like 5000 k on it. It's a goodyear something which, apparently, is not a particularly good tyre.

  2. Some people of late have been claiming you should replace. I don't unless there is significant damage. In fact I just continue with my roadside plug unless it hasn't sealed properly

    bike shop

    Some bike shops will take the wheel off but I tend to do it myself.
  3. +1 on all points.
  4. Ta for advice.

    Bloody annoying to have to deal with this right when I start a few weeks of extended-hours work :(
  5. Hi Wokwon,

    I believe some tyres can be tubed, depending on the puncture and the amount of damage. The dudes at the shop will advise you if this is an option.

    If your tyre is repairable, fairly new but not your cup of tea, consider replacing it and keeping it as a spare.

  6. +1 to the others. You'll save a few dollars if you remove and install the wheel yourself and its one less thing for the shop to phuck up. Not that I'm a cynic.