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Tyre recommendations?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by kurnell sanders, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. I am rebuilding my old 94 gsxr750 and wondering what tyres to put on. The tyres are 17" and a 120 on the front and a 180 on the rear.
    I was contemplating dual compound tyres so they don't get chewed up doing the commute but something that holds nicely through the corners. What do you guys reckon is the best tyres for the job?

  2. Thinking of the Pirelli Corsa 3 dual compound tyres. Anyone had these and what are they like.
    Otherwise what is the alternative you can reccomend?
  3. I had a good run with PP2's. Will be getting another set soon.
    A mate of mine swears by the Pilot Road 3's, but he's got an FJR1300, a heavy bike.
    Don't forget, some tyres work well on some bikes & not on others.
    eg. My 2010 Z1000 just hates Dunlop Sportmax tyres & they work well on other brand of bikes.
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  4. Thanks, they claim in the factory workshop manual the dry weight of 209 kgs so it's got some weight to it. I am thinking either Pirelli or Michelin in dual compounds unless someone can advise otherwise.
  5. Pirelli Rosso II's are dual compound and grip well while not wearing out as fast as the softer more track oriented tyres. Very new compound and tread design as well.
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  6. Thanks Toadcat, I had pirelli's on the little vtr250 and they felt better than the bridgestones that were on it. But this bike is a different beast that's why i am asking you all for advise.
  7. PR2's were good but then they changed production location and design.

    Very happy with the Dunlop RoadSmart touring tyres at the moment, still not sure on what mileage I will get but the grip is very good. Others have reported good mileage.

    Link to sizes etc LINK
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  8. Thanks Azza68, I had read some good reports in some mags on these but I Like to get real riders opinions, not someone that gets them for free like in magazines. The media can't always be trusted...
  9. pirelli rosso corsas are very sticky!
    if you want more life bridgestone bt023, dunlop roadsmarts, pirelli angel st.
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  10. Metzeler Roadtec Z8 Interact.
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  11. Will check those out twistngo thanks. What are the metzelers like rainbow7 ?
  12. My 2010 Z1000 weighs 221 kg wet, so that's pretty close.
    I got around 10k out of the PP2's with mixed riding. (commuting, touring & a bit of 'spirited' twisties riding)
    Tons of grip in all conditions. I even got caught in the downpour we had on Christmas day with no problems.
  13. They sound like they're pretty good
  14. i've got Michelin Pilot Road 3 and i've done 7,oookm so far and there is still a lot of travelling to do. i throw the bike around a fair bit and they feel great. I give the bike heaps around sweeping bends and they hang on with no dramas. They're a confident tyre

    I've got them on a derestricted Hyosung GT650R.
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  15. Thanks coasta007, it good to get proper reports on what type of tyres work.
  16. No worries at all. Hope the info helps.

    I rode them down to phillip island earlier this year when i first got them and they felt good all the way. Prior to going, i played around with the tyre pressures a little bit and i found that they were more responsive when i put an extra 2psi in them both.
    My commuting to work is mostly sweeps and only a little bit of straight highway road.
    i travel 160km per day on them.
  17. Fantastic. I have used various Pirelli and Michelin tyres over the years, with the Power Pure being probably my favourite sport tire of all, but if you want a tyre that will give you incredible all-around performance as well as longevity, have a good look at the Metzeler range.

    Metzelers were fitted as stock on my new VFR and I am just amazed at what they can do. - And these tyres have since been superseded twice!
  18. I went to get Metzelers for my 1988 VFR750 about a month ago and got told they were not available in the size I needed for my bike (!) so I went with Pirelli's which after only 200km I can't yet give an opinion on - but so far so good.
  19. I've actuslly just put a Rosso Corsa on the back of the Z
    Got it s/h cheap with only about 1k on it.
    It's a 55 profile & the bike's meant to have a 50 profile.
    But hell, does it make a difference. First bend I came to I nearly turned into the embankment!!! Recovered from that.
    Ok now. Turns in so fast, great fo late tip-ins! (y)
  20. Pilot Road 3 will do everything, and go the distance.
    Realistically, most people with super grippy track tyres dont need them. Dual compound is the way to go.