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Tyre recommendations please

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by typhoon, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. I need a new tyre for my GTR. I was wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a front tyre for a big, heavy sports tourer.
    A few things to keep in mind-
    I value all weather grip, I need something that will work well in real rain, not just wet roads. I ride in all weather.
    I am not too fussed by an amazingly long lasting tyre, but don't want something that wil be gone in 6000kms either!
    This is a big bike, 265kg dry. It would easily go over 400kgs with me, fuel and bits and pieces on the bike.
    I like to get the thing leaned over in corners, the handling is quite nimble for a large bike, and I want to keep it that way.
    The front tyre is quite narrow, 100/18. There is no room to go bigger.
    I curently have a Dunlop Arrowmax on teh front and a Dunlop Sportmax on the rear, and for various reasons I'd like to try something else this time. The front tyre does not inspire confidence in me, and may or may not be contributng to a problem I am having on initial turn in.

    Regards, Andrew.
  2. I've heard anecdotaly that the Michelin Macadam is good on the big heavy tourers, but no experience personally except for a few hundred k's on a GPX750.

    Friend has metzellers on a guzzi, not a heavy bike but a rider that doesn't lean very much, so the centre wearing strip is important to him :LOL: he swears by them (tyre model unknown sorry)

    But I dunno if you can find many tyres that will give long wear on the GTR's, they are reknowned tyre munchers, due to their weight (as was as Vf1000 hondas etc).
  3. They used to be called Laser 33, then Laser 330, I think today it's the Metzeler Roadtech series.
    Good stuff for all those "older" bombers with 16/18" rims/ narrow tyres.
    R-series airheads had them OEM/ Guzzi used them for quite a while...
    There'll also be an equivalent Pirelli (as they own Metzeler).
  4. I ran Michelin Pilots on my ZX 636 and now I have them on my R1, they are a great tyre if you want to throw the bike around a bit.

    They do wear quickly and I would get about 5000 to 6000km out of a rear and about 1500km more out of a front but they are a great tyre.

  5. they are great on a little sports bike like what we have but on a tourer they won't last that long or be as usefull,

    I'd be checking the bridgestone range i ran battlax's on my zx2r and got 13,000 out of them and they gripped quite well.
  6. andrew,
    i had more or less the same tyres on the cbr when i got it (sportmax), and now i have a set of metzeler mez4's on it.
    they were coming out oem on bikes for a while (maybe still do) and arent that expensive (thats the real reason i bought them, i am tight)

    provide plenty of integrity in corners, dont seem to be wearing unevenly and i rode with them in the absolute pi55ing down rain on the mad mile and they went pretty good.
    in the dry weather i have been all the way over to scraping and they havent felt stiff or like they are going to fail on me so i am happy there too.
    i did a search on them prior to getting them and it seemed the only people that werent happy with them were the track-day types that much prefer the uber-sticky tyres.
    the cbr is very similar in size to your bike, and as far as sports touring goes i am very happy with them.
    up to about 2000kms on them and still looking like they were just scrubbed in.