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Tyre recommendations for Incitatus Ducati

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by incitatus, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Those of you who read my 'first ride' post on my 89' 900SS Duke may recall that it currently has race tyres which are not road legal, Pirelli Dragon Supercorsa Pro SC's to be precise. I intend to keep these for ride days and buy new rubber for the road. My current choice is probably Pilot Powers, or Dunlop Qualifiers. I would be interested in feedback from netriders with sportsbikes, and particularly V twins, on their tyre choice and experiences. The purpose is definitely 'twisties'.

  2. I've had Pilot Powers and they seemed to provide excellent traction.
  3. father in law has pilot powers on his duc ss100ds, very nice. I run them as well, pretty sweet.
  4. ive switched from the Dunlop 208's that came with the bike (truly sh!t tires) to the Pilot powers, so far im pretty impressed.
    Ill stick to them for now because dont want to fork out another $500 for a whole new set.
  5. The preference for the Red and Yellow bikes for the Road is Pilot Powers. We like them very much :grin:
  6. What kind of mileage are people getting out of pilot powers including 'spirited' riding?, as it does seem that these tyres are the way to go. And 748girl, mine is actually red/white like this one,does it still count?

  7. Pilot Powers would have to be the favourite tyre for street-ridden sportsbikes! and for a good reason.

    Quick warm-up, excellent grip and feedback at all lean angles, good wet weather performance and surprising durability..

    The Qualifiers are great tyres also, slightly more grip at extreme lean than the Pilots, but they lack in durability from what I've seen so far. ie - A friend of mine struggled to get 3000km out of his Qualifier rear, and 800km of that was running the bike in! (about 80% commuting too)

    I have Pilot Powers on my track bike and will be sticking with them for quite some time. They are confidence-inspiring tyres, the bike feels very 'planted' on them. Oh, and they have a GREAT turn-in as well!
  8. I'm on powers too, they seem great to me. Although I've read excellent reports about the Qualifiers... You'd assume they'd be grippier but less durable.
  9. I have a pilot power on the front and a Michelin Macadum on the back. The PP is fantastic and predictable. The Macadum is a good commuting tyre and lasts forever but I've had it lock up many times when braking hard or jumping down through the box. It'll get replaced by a PP when the front is due.
  10. I should add that Michelin are adding another tyre to their range soon... the Pilot Power 2CT's, which are a dual compound tyre,
    Just checked up on the Michelin website, and it looks as though they will be keeping the standard Pilot Powers, and adding the 2CT's to the market. I was always under the impression the 2CT's were replacing the standard Pilot Powers... These new ones are a dual compound tyre and 20% softer than current PP's. Cant wait for these suckers! :)

    post edited..
  11. Of course it still counts :grin: makes it twice as good!! (I won't tell my bike I said that). Congratulations on the buy - it is very lovely. The Powers are great tyres and seem to last a long time - certainly 6,000 or 7,000 on a rear with little or no deformation or squaring off to the carcass, which is heaps more than the old Pilot Sports. They may last longer (I am on my second rear) but I got rid of the first one as was going to Tasmania for a fortnight and wanted a new one:grin: to go over there with rather than getting them over there as Tasmania charge more for them!! Husband seems to get the same and he certainly does some rather spirited riding - uses them on the track as well - we have a couple of set of slicks but no warmers and he never gets around to changing from road to slick tyres. I can say from experience that they grip well - even when I had a oil cooler line let go and covered my rear wheel with oil. :LOL: :eek:
  12. tkc80's would mean you'd be able to take it to cameron's corner!

  13. I like the bridgetones (but my bike is 75% commuter). But i know a mate of swears by pilot powers on his 749s. But i think he will be trying the quailifiers to see what they are like. used for the hills, and track days