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Tyre Questions

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by ]{ing Nothing, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. A few questions about tyres:

    Pressure - I know you can read this off the side of the tyre, how do I translate the number system there into PSI?

    Small cracks are appearing in my rear tyre, maybe a millimetre or 2 in length, there aren't many, but i presume this is a bad sign? And should I get a new one soon?

    Tread, how do I tell when a tyre needs replacement because the tread is no longer sufficient? Or how do I measure the tread, and what's good, what's bad?


  2. Look closely on the sidewalls of the tyre for "indicator marks". Then go to the tyre tread and find the "mark" in the tread - if your tyre is at the mark it is time to replace.
  3. The tyre pressure you should run is a factor of the bike the tyre is on, not the tyre itself. Recommended pressures are always in the owner's manual.

    Cracks in the tyre indicate that it's old and the rubber has started to give up. You should replace the tyre, even if the tread is still legal.

    Alex has answered your tread depth question. Just remember that it's those two tiny contact patches that keep you upright; you can skimp on all sorts of things on a bike, but never on tyres.....
  4. Cracks also indicate rubber that has lost it's elasticity, and elasticity equals grip....so time for a new hoop.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. thanks guys. any idea how much a new set of front and back is likely to cost? bike is a gpx 250. I might get them replaced when get a service done in a couple of weeks
  6. could cost you anywhere from 180-450 I guess a Tyre :eek:

    all depends what your after and what you want to spend.
    I cant really recommend anything myself as this is my first road bike and my first set of tyres, From memory they are bridgestone BT-92's, seem to be a reasonable duel compound tyre and havnt had a problem yet, but im hardly riding the bike hard.
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  9. I recently got a set of michelin pilot sports fitted and balanced for $350, 120 / 180.. seem to be pretty good to me :grin:
  10. GPX 250 have got especially made for them Dunlop 301 supersport tyres
    around $150 each... yeah
  11. last weekend i got new tyres gor my gpx, dunlop gt301's 93 for front 131 for rear

    i just asked for something not to pricey but still good (castle hill)