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Tyre question's???

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Ruffler, Dec 6, 2005.

  1. I had this happen to my rear tyre been slash by 1/2 a scissor,which flew up at my boots then CLANK!! into my rear tyre.(see pic)on Pennant Hills rd.


    They are currently Michenlins Pilots 180/55 zr17,Iam very happy with them,but it has been suggested to me to maybe get a bigger rear tyre.
    (Its CBR600f 99model)

    Is this possible???
    Will it improve ?? handling etc
  2. SheeeEEEEzus.

    No advice for you, but.... SheeeeEEEEEeeeezus.
  3. Pilot Powers rock 8) Stick with the 180 matey,they turn better with 180s :wink: Quite a few of my mates run 180s on their 1000s instead of 190s for that reason. :wink:
  4. :shock:

    Good thing that hit your tyre and not your leg.
  5. I'm with Loz on this, sheeeEEEEzus. Your lucky that thing caught the tyre and not your leg mate. WOW!
  6. I second that!!!

    (and no, a wider tyre will not necisarrily improve the handling of the bike)
  7. That pictures' "kinda wierd; ain't it"? 8)
  8. I was at least 3 car lengths behind a truck,then a car squeeze in front of me before the lights around Carlingford .
    Then as I accelerated ,it hit my boots then I heard a clank,which was the swingarman & tyre I guess, have a nasty scratch on the inside of swingarm .
    Pull it out now,tyre has not gone down as yet.
    tyre looks wasted though,nasty white mark on it(looks like strain)