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Tyre Question.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by crazynate, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. Hey peeps.

    I am getting new tyre put on my bike tomorrow and it's looking like there is a chance of showers during the day.

    Just how slippery will the new tyres + wet roads be? It will be about a 60km trip home mainly on the motorway. Is there anything I can do other than ride like a nanna?
  2. Just ride like a nana to be on the safe side. My last tyre (metzeler) was pretty much scrubbed in after about 30kms, all except for the chicken strips!

    Stop about half way & have a look, you be able to see where the releasing compound has worn away.
  3. Thanks MV.

    Weather is looking ok at the moment, cross fingers it stays like that.

    I'm putting on Conti sport attacks after several of my mates have not shut up about them and how good they are! Guess I am about to find out.
  4. A friend offers you a ride on his new big-bore sportbike. You
    [a] decline, because you don't feel capable of handling it.
    [b) decline, stating that you'ld rather wait until the break-in period is over.
    [c] accept and leave his driveway by revving it to redline, dumping the clutch, and wheelieing all the way to the street.

    Evidently, parallels can be drawn with new tyres.
  5. Be extremely cautious with new tires on a wet road. The first few kilometers will be like riding on oil! I've been riding years and I would not ride with new tires in the wet!
  6. geta hard kitchen scrouer, give it a bit of a scrub. rough it up a bit. breaks up the seal and allows more wear of the compound
    do a burn out, gets the crap off and warms it up
    careful when cornering....

    it'll be quite slippery. put it this way, after my exam, another guy had new tyres on his, dry warm, about midday. still slipped on RH turn and had a slide. now imagine in the wet/damp.
  7. Most bike shops will scrub up the tire before you leave with a wire brush and some solvent, but it will be slippery as shit!

    If your riding away in the wet, do not lean or try to stop for the first few kilometers.
  8. Ok, road was dry and the tyres were slippery but I got it home in an uneventful ride of about 45km.

    Going around a few right hand turns was a bit skatey but otherwise it was fine. I will hopefully get a nice easy ride in through the hills on the weekend and scrub them in a bit more.

    Its the first new set of tyres i have ridden on and my bike is like a race bike now it just turns at will.