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tyre puncture

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Guest, May 29, 2006.

  1. Anyone know how much a standard puncture costs to repair? Its just a screw. Can anyone recommend someone??

    BTW... this is for the cage.

  2. "just a screw"???:wink:

    Some people can pay for the results of a single screw for the rest of their life..
  3. I know.... but the thing is in pretty tight! :wink:

    I need to know how much it will roughly costs & who does a good job!
  4. Depends if its on the tread or inside, to have it done properly with an internal glue plug job $30-$40.00 .
  5. I'm not sure - there's a standard VACC recommended charge for a tyre repair - any tyre place should be able to give you a priice over the phone.
    Any decent tyre place should be able to do it - it's not difficult.

  6. Depends on whether it's tubeless or not.
    The last time I got my tyre repaired from a screw, and it was tubeless, it cost me $70.

    When I had tubed tyres, it was $30, but this was quite a while ago.
  7. there is a place but i cant remember
    he knows of the place its where he told me to go
    hope that helps mate :grin:
  8. it's always around $30-$40 which includes balancing the wheel afterwards.
    Car tyres so long as the screw is not in the wall are piss easy to repair.