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Tyre Puncture Repair

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by lui, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. Yet another tyre puncture repair thread!

    Got a puncture on the rear tyre last night but was lucky enough to pump up at a couple of servos and ride home slowly. Now it's the time to fix the puncture.

    I was told external plugs are only temporary, internal mushroom plugs are the way to go. My local bike shop wants $60 for the proper fix, I was wondering is that a fair price? What other places (if any) around Parramatta do bike tyres (other than the dealers around there)?

    The other alternative, the tyres have about 10,000km on them but still good thread condition, should I just spend the $60 towards a new set of tyres? The rear is a 180/55.


  2. I've run an external plug on the rear for about 3000km twice now. No problems, but you need to accept there is a risk and be prepared to deal with it.

    You are unlikley to get a sudden failure. The worst case you would get a leak over a few minutes, which is time do deal with it whilst riding.

    I wouldn't do it on the front.

    I've heard all sorts of recommendations in this regards. Some are even saying now that internal plugs are unsafe on the rear.

    I say bullocks. They are fine front and rear.

    $60 is about right if he is removing the tyre. If you are, then $40 would be closer to normal.

    10Mm and only being half way through your tyres indicates to me they are very hard. Personally I'd be replacing them regardless.

    So external plug until you can get around to changing the tyre is my call.
  3. Thanks for your input! Yea, $60 for the whole fix.

    They are the stock Metzeler that comes with Speed Triple. Not sure if they are designed to be super long wear or it's something to go with the way I ride.
  4. 10,000km on a rear on a speed trinple = that rear tyre should be shagged.
  5. The first time I had a puncture on the bike some 10 years ago I went to the bike shop to have the tyre replaced due to fear of having it let go with a repair and spoke to the mechanic there who raced a "Blade and he told me that an external plug won't be an issue as he races the Island with these plugs and has never had a problem, since then I have had around 6 punctures in the 80,000k's I have travelled and have gone from new tyre (new tyres seem to have magnets fitted in them doh) to worn out with no issues whatsoever.
  6. I carry a Kangol kit under the seat, but it dont come with glue.
    I had a punture last week and it would not seal. Put enough air in it too get me to a servo, A bit of glue sealed it, and I rode home on it and it is still up.
    I now carry a $2-00 tube of glue as well, Cheap insurance,
    The glue does go off in the heat, so replace it now and again,
  7. I had the puncture properly repaired last week, there were actually 2 punctures, 1 of them wasn't leaking so I didn't notice of it. So mushroom plugged both holes.

    While washing the bike yesterday, I noticed yet another puncture! Extremely annoyed considering I just paid $60 last week. Looks like I better learn how to use external plugs.

    Is there a limited on puncture repairs on a single tyre or minimum distance between the punctures? Is there any repair kit you guys/gals recommend? Or are they all the same?

  8. ISTR the recommended maximum was two plugs per tyre. I always thought this was pretty reasonable as you'd have to be seriously unlucky to get more than that over the lifetime of a tyre. I'm probably jinxing myself here, but I haven't had a flat on a bike since 1993.