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Tyre puncture repair (Sydney)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by lui, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. Any idea where I can bring the wheel in to do a mushroom plug on Saturday morning? Around Bankstown area would be good as I have to run some errands around there. Thanks!

  2. Is the hole in the middle of the tyre, if it's anywhere near the side wall then forget it
  3. It's a bit off centre, should be considered centre. I hope it's alright.

    Btw, what's the going rate of mushroom plugs? $30/hole or there abouts? I'm going to bring the wheel in.
  4. You know you can DYI, there's factory off edgar st, condell Park (Reema Industries) that sells motorbike puncture kits directly to the public.

    The kit includes, mushrooms, resin string, patches, resin cement, spiking/feeding tool & mini C02 bulbs with adapter for self inflation.

    Mushrooms are only a temporary measure; tyre needs to patched from the inside.
  5. I thought mushrooms plugs are used for internal patch?
  6. Turns out I was right about $30/plug. These guys also re-balanced the wheel. Wouldn't have done it without a 25" breaker bar to remove the wheel for transport in the first place.
  7. So where was the tyre fixed, luigi?
  8. Repaired at [temporarily removed], I'm sure there's a workshop closer to home but too bad they don't advertise. Basically this mob comes up in Google search, so there's no reason to stuff around while I can just go there and get the repair done.

    I'm sure dealer workshops would do it too, cost is one thing, but more importantly trying to get things done on a Saturday without booking is going to be difficult. So I didn't bother calling them.

    Update: was about to install the wheel and noticed the pressure is only 35 PSI, I thought that's very low for a rear wheel, the work shop should know better to pump it up to 40+ PSI, immediately I suspected a slow leak, possibly an undetected puncture. I spent 10 minutes looking but couldn't find anything. Then I suspected they didn't plug the hole properly, so I sprayed some soup water and sure enough it's bubbling up. :censored:

    How can they screw this up?! If I didn't notice it I would have another flat on the road side. F**k!!!
  9. poor job but where did u get the 40+ psi, most people run the back at 36-38psi
  10. I think he means that tyre fitters usually put the pressure up to a higher level than normal in order to make the bead pop (or I think that's what he means)

    lousy job, under any circumstances, even if the guy was standing on one leg and the other wanting to get home on a Saturday....
  11. I txt'd the shop to complain about it, they don't open on Sundays, so they replied back saying bring it in tomorrow and they will fix it.

    My concern is that what happens if they can't fix it? They will probably ask me to buy a new tyre. Is it unreasonable for me to demand a discount equivalent to the repair?

    I paid $252 for the rear tyre at Bikebiz supply and fitted last year, it's now $255 at Bikebiz (yea a massive $3 price hike), I suspect this mob will be a lot more expensive, will it be unreasonable for me to request price match or refund the repair and then I just get it replaced at Bikebiz?

    I know it's a long shot but they screwed it up and can potentially cause a lot of grief.

    It helped I'm only bringing in the rear wheel, imagine someone ride in with a flat, the options become very limited.
  12. Luigi do you live near revesby?....thought I saw your bike on the river rd last thursday :S
  13. You've got sharp eyes, how did you figure it could be me by just looking at the wheel a few posts up?

    But yea, if it was Thursday evening on The River Road then it's probably me. What bike were you on?
  14. Was on the putty ride and recognised your bike and helmet.....I was in the cage....

    Mate as for workshop's in the area I use stoney creek MC's they are 100m down the road from me lol....(Padstow)

    If your in the area we should hook up for an evening nasho run :)

    EDIT:I was on the white Z1000 on the putty ride :)