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Tyre puncture... DAMN!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by proxemic, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. Well just got the bike out to go to work and felt a little heavy in the back end. Had a look sure enough nail stuck in the #$@!

    I did hear a pop when i turned in my street the other day being a bit concerned i had a look when i got in the garage, gave it a kick and a push, seemed fine. Woke up the next day checked it b4 i rode seemed ok then too.

    I think it has gone flat over a few days, so i'm thinkin it might hold pressure to get somewhere nearby.

    I actually bought this tyre 5 months ago pilot road 2, i'm looking at the receipt right in front of me, rekon i've got any chance of getting a new one or free/cheap repair or anything?

    Other than going back to north fitzroy my options are bob jane down the road, anyone know if the average bob jane does moto tyres?

    Would love it if they did i would get road hazard warranty in a heartbeat getting pretty sick of nails in my tyre, 3rd one in about 3 years now.

    Or i can go to mick hone on whitehorse rd, but they're always so busy and a bit pricey.

    What a pain in the A

    Any help, advice, experience would be great, cheers.
  2. A repair at no cost is unlikely; if the damage is right in the middle of the tyre a plug should only cost you around $30. Damage due to wear and tear is not covered by any sort of warranty, as far as I know.

    Don't forget to get the fitter to re-balance the wheel and tyre before he puts it back on the bike; the plug WILL change its balance.
  3. if you want a tyre and rim insurance policy, gives you unlimited puncture repairs, unlimited towing, along with 2 new tyres per year( if they are in RWC and non repairable) and 1 rim per year. PM for more info. its a 3 year policy, that costs about $400 for the 3 years, paid monthly.
  4. Your every day Bob Jane store does not do Motorcycle tyres, the one in Elizabeth street does.

    You can safely plug a tyre and use it till the end of it's life providing it is repaired with a mushroom type plug and not a string plug.

    Most bike shops will plug it for you for around $40-$50.
  5. Nice

    Thanks guys