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tyre prices???

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by cossie, Mar 15, 2005.

  1. just a quick question....

    what sort of money are tyres for a 250? (ZZR, FZR, GPX, CBR etc)

    only asking as I have to look at a couple of bikes soon and need to budget for tyres if they are low.

    also the same for chain/sprocket I guess as these are the other common part needing replacement that could impact on the overall cost.

    thanks 8)

  2. Small bike tyres about $250 for f&b (that's for Dunlops - add $50 or so extra Michys or Metzlers) , and ~$180 for chain & both sprockets last time I looked.
  3. Another tip is if you have a car & some mechanical aptitude you can save yourself about $30/tyre by removing the wheels from & fitting them to the bike yourself. :idea:
  4. I know people who save money by putting their motorcycle wheels in their car and taking them for new tyres, but none of them take their car wheels off and take them on the bike to get new tyres fitted...
  5. Cheers guys...Im a mechanic by trade so no probs removing/refitting the wheels myself.

    so around $450 should easily cover tyres and chain/sprocket if needed?

    thanks :D
  6. Easily I would have thought.

    And don't forget the 10% discount on tyres at Bob Jane for Netrider members either - if you're not a paid-up member yet, that's a pretty good reason to join!

  7. Go to/call a bike shop and ask. They're the ones who sell them. Tyre prices vary from shop to shop, brand to brand, size to size and type to type. Chain and sprocket is the same.
  8. Call Bob Jane in Elizabeth St.

    Don't know about 250s, but my set of Michellin Pilot Roads for the 600 were $410 with the Netrider discount.
  9. a friend replaced his zzr tyres recently, they were around $300-350 for bridgestones..

    chain/sprocket set would be about.. 200 bucks i think
  10. I was doing the ring around today for a Dunlop Arrowmax front for my GPX - $115 fitted was the best price I was offered. Relatively cheap, I thought.
  11. I got Pirelli Sport Demon front and rear for my little 2fiddy. 90/90-18 and 110/80-18 so you might be looking for something wider and 17", but mine cost 120/150 front/rear fitted.
  12. I got a ZZR250 and got new back tyre and brakes $188.00. New front tyre and fork seals done $273. The tyres are dunlops.
  13. Just called Elizabeth St Bob Jane. Got a quote for $200 to get a front tyre for my VTR250 changed + F/B. I guess show my netrider card for a possible discount before anything happens when I go in (booked in for Saturday)