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Tyre Pressures

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Slade, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. Hey, I was just wondering what my tyre pressures should be , when the bike is sitting, cold tyres. Say early morning before I go for a ride, or if I just scoot to the servo to check them.

    I ride a RGV250, Bridgestone BT-92's front and back.

    When I first got the bike on the road I noticed the bike was squirming around a little, especially the rear in corners, so I took it to the servo to check and found the front had 10psi, and the rear 20psi :|
    I was a lil shocked as it had just come out of the bloody bike shop, f''ers, anyway I was not sure how much air to have in the tyres so to be about safe I inflated both to 30psi.

    I was hoping some of you could perhaps help me to find the correct tyre pressure.

    Thankyou in advance
    btw, sorry if i posted in the wrong section, but i am a newb =D
  2. From what I've found you should be running around 29/33 front/rear on stock tires (Source). This would be measured cold, as you said, as riding will increase the pressure due to heat. Test different combo's until you get what feels right.

    That is definately low from a shop.. keep an eye on it just in case you've got a leaker.
  3. The tyres as far as I know arnt stock.
    Its a lil story, but the bike was actually in the shop for its roadie....

    In which i had them fix 1-2 things, and asked them to go over the bike to make sure it was ready to ride.

    As i have posted elsewhere I wont be going back to the so called Suzuki dealer in bendigo again
  4. Check your bikes manual for correct pressure for your bike and how much load is on your bike, mine tells me that between 25 - 29psi on front and 29 - 33psi on rear depending on load. Me plus gear = around 95kg. I found that the ideal pressure for me is 29 on front 30 rear, If I put too much in rear (say 32psi) I find that the ride is a bit too hard, 30psi is just right. basically find out the range that is recomended for your bike and then play around within those guidelines till you find the best setup that suits you.
  5. I'm not sure but I don't think there'd be too much difference, mine aren't stock either and it's only a couple of PSI difference. Check the sidewall of the tyre and swingarm for markings?
  6. Yer i will have to get myself a manual I guess :eek:

    As for the markings, they arnt overly clear, it tells me 45kpi max with 240kg when hot, or something.... and 41 cold

    but I dont really get it lol, i'll have to go with the manual idea

    thanks for yah help fellas
  7. Tyre pressure markings on the sidewalls are maximum ratings, your bike will have a lower set of recommended pressures.
  8. Mine has a little sticker on the chain cover to tell me the tyre pressure. check your bike over for one, use a torch if necessary.

    Yeah I just got a new rear tyre fitted 40psi for the back and the front was down to 22psi WTF!!??!
  9. They obviously didn't check the pressures properly after putting the tyre on the bead. They do need heaps of pressure to get on, and then the shop should put 'em down to a sane level.

    As for tyre pressures, it all depends on what you're doing with the bike. Commuting I run more pressure than going for a ride in the hills, which is again lowered for any sort of track work. And I up them in times of rain, just to open up the tread a bit more to assist with grip.
  10. Ok after a little research and the help of a nice little rgv specific site, oh and the forums which linked me to my bikes workshop manual I found the correct suggested tyre pressures

    This is for a 1989 RGV250: VJ21 K

    Solo - Front 29psi, Rear 33Psi
    Dual - Front 29psi, Rear 36psi