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Tyre pressures for GS500

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by wedge, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. I know there are heaps of tyre pressure forums, but none for the GS500.
    What i'm asking is that my bike recommends 33psi front and 36psi rear, i've had the bike for a couple of weeks now and feels great, i checked the psi last time i filled up and the front was at 41psi and rear was at 45psi. So i let it out to the pressures indicated on the bikes swingarm and now it feels really spongy...think i'm going to up it back to what the pressures were set at
    If anyone else has info for the GS500, it'd help :)
    (not sure if this has anything to do with my weight either, im about 100kg)

  2. I have 32 front, 36 back for normal riding...
    I have found you can't trust the gauges at petrol station... get ur self a hand gauge... Also the temputature of the tire has an effect on pressure, so it may be different after heavy riding ;)
  3. Yeah thats what i've got em at now and it feels really spongy when entering a corner
  4. i think you will find that the recomended pressures are for a 60kg jap, so at 100kg you probly will have to up your pressures a bit. GS500s have crossply tyres which i usually put 34/36 in. So i would put 34/36 in the tyres when they are hot and ride it around to see how it feels and then up the pressure 2psi and go again until it feels good. unless someone else who owns a GS500 has a better idea?
  5. I agree with tuz.. Play with it untill you find some thing good..
    BTW have you played with the suspention? 100kg person would surely need different settings there. That could make a big diff.

    Check out This post on gstwins about tire pressures...
  6. I've been messing round with the PSI, got the front at 36 and the rear at 38 feels alot better, much less resitance when cornering.
    Will have to have play with the suspension, onl;y the rear is adjustable though...i think.
  7. Wedge have you looked at www.gstwin.com

    I had a GS and its a good forum to read .
    The GS has a soft front spings and changing the oil ,to some thing thicker helps and puting 20c peices in the forks .....
    I never did it but check the site out and see what they are doing.
  8. Yeah thanks sleddog, had a look at the site, got some good stuff on there. I can see it helping me out in future