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Tyre pressure

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Rob_SA_Scoot, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. Hiya

    I've been playing with tyre pressures on my little 50cc PGO/Bolwell Gypsy.

    Sometimes it feels a bit sloppy / squishy on corners. When I rode a motorbike many years ago I'd always use my legs and body to lean into corners, but with the scooter it seems to need some heaving of the handlebars to get it to respond and come over a bit.

    I've been making a point to look for manhole covers and stuff and ride around them as an exercise in controlling the scooter, trying to weave using my legs and hips, then my arms, then combining both. You feel like you're going to come off on some of those manhole covers and repaired bits of bitumen huh? Funny how things just seem smoother at 50-60Km/h than they do at 40-50Km/h.

    Looking in the incredibly badly transliterated owner's manual and converting their suggested front/rear tyre pressures of 1.3Kg/cm2 and 1.5Kg.cm2 it comes out to 18 and 23psi. Seems a bit on the soft side. Show and Go, the shop I bought it from, suggested 26 and 32psi so that's what I've got in it at the moment.

    I'm the wrong side of 120Kg and the bike is about 80Kg. Any thoughts from others on inflation pressures?
  2. Wow! 26 and 32 psi for Scooter?
    My speedfight is 94kg, tyre pressure they recommand 19 and 23psi. And always seem pretty good with that numbers.

    I do lean and counter steering when I turn at the corner, seem ok, does fall off cause I look somewhere else (look at the ground in front of me). :p

  3. I'm running 26 and 32 in my LeGrande, which is a 144kg scoot. Likewise, the dealer suggested these pressures which are about 4psi above the placarded figures.

    As long as you don't exceed the maximum pressure as given on the tyre sidewalls, play around until it feels right on the road. Even on cars the manufacturers tend to go for low pressures, presumably to make the ride feel good, at the expense of handling.

  4. 26-32 sounds about right for 144Kg scooter. My CB250 bike is 29psi for both and thats only slightly heavier bike
  5. Thanks for the replies

    I know on cars they usually suggest 24psi to give a soft ride (and keep you coming back for new tyres) but I always go for 32psi. Good to hear it's the same on bikes.

    Those pot-holes and road repairs do throw you around a bit at higher pressures though! :shock:

  6. 29 psi for a cb250 is low
    Inflate them to 31 front and 33 rear.
    will make a difference to handling.
  7. absolutely spot on.
    and larger sports bikes... about 34F and 36 R
    would be a good starting point for inflation pressures

  8. I run 35 in the front and 38 in the rear of the Duke
    seems to work well