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tyre pressure on CB250

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by damo03, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. Hi. I've just started riding on the road on a 1981 CB250. It came with new tyres: Front - Bridgestone spitfire 11R 120/90
    Rear - Bridgestone battlax bt45F 3.25-19 54H

    The front was at 21psi and the rear at 31psi. The bike is a heavy old girl weighing about 180kg from specs.

    Im just curious what the correct pressure for this bike is? Does anyone know or can tell me what they run in similar 250's? I really have no idea whether 21psi is to little or about right for this bike? It handles great in the dry when I lean it over but i really have nothing to compare it to?


  2. Try front 28, rear 32 - thats what my zzr250 ran, although it was very noticeably 5x as composed with 30/34, but only in good conditions.

    My 650 is supposed to run 33/36.
  3. i run 33/36 on the VTR250, i had it lower but that was causing the tyres to crack apparently :?

    That was a BT45 on the rear too

  4. Yerk! Either a slow leak in front or it was never checked. Should be at least 30psi, probably better around 32-33.

    Rear should be around 34-35. These are the cold pressures. If you check when hot (the tyres will only need to roll a few hundred metres to become "hot" or "hotter" and for the pressures to change) just add a couple (2) psi extra to the reading = 34F and 36R.

    You will be amazed at how it feels once you have decent air in the front.


    Trevor G

    PS A pencil-type tyre pressure gauge is an invaluable aid - some servo gauges can be quite inaccurate. Having your own gauge at home means you can easily check the cold pressures. They are only a few bucks. Avoid digital or dial type gauges, for simplicity and accuracy's sake.
  5. Cheers for the replies. I rechecked the pressures and the front was actually 28...the rear is now 31.5 and the front is 29.5...I'll leave that for a week then bump both up another 2psi and see how it goes.