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Tyre Pressure gauge and place to buy?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by DRMAT, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. Can anyone recommend a decent tyre pressure gauge and where to get it from (in Melb, prefer SE)? Seems like Repco, Autobarn etc only sell cheap crap and i'd like something a little more accurate than +/- 10psi!!

  2. Go the Michelin guage.

    Pick one up from Dynoverks, $50

    easy peezy
  3. Topeak make a digi one that you should be able to get at your local pushy shop. Let me know if you want one coz I can prolly get it for you.
  4. Oxford make a nice digi one.
    $40 from bikemart. but that's in ringwood.
    I'm sure one of the shop on Elizabeth street will have 'em
  5. I noticed a digi one at BMW southbank for around $65 I think.
    Unsure of the brand and qaulity though.
  6. My vote goes to the Michelin, we have tested them and they are spot on for accuracy
  7. I've got the Michelin foot pump, with guage attached (bets rough testing I can do has it as accurate). Bought at KMart.
  8. Hmmm well was just about to leave and grab a Michelin one from Dynoverks and thought i would ring them before i rode all the way out there.... $74!
    $50 i'm fine with but $74 for casual riding is a bit much!
  9. I have had several cheap tyre pressure gauges that were inaccurate and broke quickly. The 'Michelin Vigil' gauge is about $50 (I had to do an online search and order it over the net- although your local bike shop may be able to get you one.)
    It has it's own case, is excellent quality and very accurate.
  10. If you're worried about possible innacuracies, would you consider two cheap gauges?

    Mine don't appear to differ much at all.
  11. thats ridiculous ring around mate I can get them here in S.A. for $39.95 last time I looked, if you cant find them there for a resonable price let me know and we will work something out
  12. this might sound stupid to you but what is the point of having two cheap gauges that dont give you an accurate reading? what do you take two readings and split the difference??how do you know they are both not either high or low??
  13. yep thats the one Im talking about, bloody good gauge and spot on accurate
  14. Yep- why buy two cheap ones when you can pay for one you trust... internet $50!!!!
  15. If one is different to the other I buy another. At this point I haven't bought another one. The likelihood of them both being either high or low is... unlikely.

    Oh, and if you got last month's superbike magazine (November) they very much berate the "Oxford Products: Digi Gauge" as being wildly inaccurate, even in cases up to 20 psi. They gave it 10% It cost £14.99 (AUD $38). In there article they hoped it was a one-off, but when a product continues to give wild fluctuations then you end up not trusting it at all.
  16. Your in S.A. CamHornet?do yourself a favor and go to G.C. Motorcycles and get yourself the Michelin Virgil Tyre pressure gauge, thats the one I was talking about, it is spot on accurate and comes with a nice little protective case as a precision instrument should, its a great design for motorcycles and they were $39.95 last time I looked, its an investment you will be very happy with for many years to come and I guarantee you will be happy knowing your tyrepressure is accurate
  17. Bulk purchase anyone?

    I'm keen for one!
  18. Seconded.......totally accurate and able to take abuse, can't go past it.
  19. Oooo lucky... was in the city today and City Yamaha tried to sell me that one as a "really good one" even though he knew nothing about it!
    I'll definitely have a better search now i can refine the search beyond just michelin tyre pressure gauge... if i can't find anything then you might get a PM KevS!! Sure glad i didn't pay $75 for it though!
  20. Sure, I'll buy a second (Michelin Vigil) one via a bulk purchase scheme. One for the track and one for the road.