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Tyre Pressure for the Twisties??

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Kolin, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. Hey I have ridden my 2012 ZX6R for about a year now but have never hit the twisties until the last couple weeks I was wondering what tyre pressure people run on similar bikes when riding the twisties? At the moment I'm running Kawasaki recommended 36 front/42 rear which turns in real great but doesnt feel the best when leaning right over... Should I go a bit lower and if so for the rear only or both?? Cheers! Kolin

  2. FYI - I'm n Bridgestone S20's which are both near new and I love them heaps of front end confidence but the rear seems a bit pogo sticky at 42... I ride daily but its mainly highway commuting to work
  3. Mate I reckon you should try a few different pressures that suit you, I personally have found 34 front, 38 rear best for the twisties, but that's a different bike and different weight probably, higher tyre wear usually results when pressures are dropped
  4. depends how you ride and how hard you ride...play around with pressures.
  5. I am curious too. My recommended tyre pressures are 29 and 33 (VTR250) but have heard it is better to have them a bit higher? Most of my riding is commuting on the freeway each day but on weekends I do fun riding. Am getting new ones tomorrow actually (Bridgestone Battlax was recommended) as current ones are shot.
  6. There is a trade off with running lower pressures, your tyres will wear quicker. Likewise the trade off with higher pressures can be comfort and grip.

    I read somewhere that the best way to find out what pressure you should be running is to set them at the recommended pressure (cold) using a good quality pressure guage then go for a good long ride. When you stop immediately check your pressures. They should be roughly 10% higher. If not, your cold pressures were either too low (more than 10%) or too high (lower than 10%).
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  7. 33 front 36 rear for me on the S20s. I'd rather grip than be pedantic about wear, no good sliding down the road thinking gee I'm glad I'm getting lots of K's from these tyres
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  8. Agreed, with in reason. Depends how much money you have at your disposal. The best tyres I've had for grip cost me $350 for a rear but I only got 5000km out of it. I don't know about you, but I can't afford to spend over $1000 a year on rear tyres.
  9. Yep totally agree, that's why I run 36 rear, I'd rather run 32 or 33 but 36 seems like a good compromise between life and grip/feel. The S20 are a damn awesome road tyre.
    Only 5000 is nothing to worry about, I only got 2200 from the Racetecs on my Speed Trip!!!
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  10. That was on a Bandit, ridden by a person who is far from fast, good or aggressive. I much prefer the PR2's, I get around 15,000km a year and they offer all the grip I want running them at 42 rear/38front.
  11. I'm running at 6000 on the S20s currently, and they still look great! Will probably be the longest a tyre has lasted me, which is very impressive given the performance they offer
  12. Thanks for the info. I got at least 8000km out of my tyres now running at recommended pressure (since when I bought the bike, no idea how long they'd been on then but they were in good condition). The back one has a flat spot now though. :( So that seems like a decent amount of kms to get judging from other posts so I presume pressure is not too low. I do between 500-700km/week on average so guess I will be buying a lot of tyres...
  13. Were the tyres new when you got the bike?
  14. 8000km on a 2-fifty seems quite a low amount but that would depend on the type of rubber she was shod with (sport tyres would wear quicker). I traded my GS500F in with ~25000km on the clock (mostly commuting miles) adorned in the original OEM tyres (Bridgestone) and they still had plenty of tread.

    I use Pirelli Rosso II's on the D675 and get upward of 10000km out of a rear with a reasonable amount of spirited weekend twisties thrown in. I run 34F/36R most of the time but if I'm commuting a lot I might add 2psi front and rear. For the twisties, I find the 34/36 gives me the best feel whist lower pressures makes the bike a bit squirmy and high pressures leaves me with a 'lack of confidence' feeling for grip (on spirited twistie runs).

    Thinking of trying the Metzeler Sportec M5's when she needs new shoes as I've heard they might yield more k's.
  15. Far out you guys get awesome km out of tires. My ducati 1098 with pirelli supercorsa sc2 qas around 3000km for a rear and about 6k for a front. My daytona 675r had supercorsa sp on it and they lasted 1800km. Cant remember what my 09 fireblade had but think they were bridgestone bt016 they lasted for 3k my new 12 fireblade has s20 its done 1800km and they are getting there on the rear tire.
  16. Front wasn't but back one was fairly new I believe. I was told to put 36 and 38 in yesterday when I did a riding course.
  17. Off topic, however related... How often do you check your tyre pressures.
  18. Check my tyre pressures usually weekly, depending on if I plan to ride and where.

    My mate runs 28psi (pilot road 3) in his tyres on the R1, and generally only rides twisties.

    I run 36/41 on the XJR13 (Pilot Road 3) and got around 15,000km out of my last rear.
  19. Quite often, as I generally up them on Sunday for the week, and drop them Friday for the weekend.

    When you ride the same bike every day, you can feel a 1 or 2 psi difference
  20. In that case I'm confused. A 250 should be getting more life out of a rear tyre than that.

    Lets see why that might be? Some of the people who have said they are getting good mileage out of their tyres are riding 250's the other are riding sports tourers. Either way they are using harder compound sports/touring tyres. You on the other hand have a sports bike and running quite soft tyres.

    When I ran a soft sports tyre on the Bandit I got 5000km as opposed to the 15,000km (roughly) I get from a hard compound sports/touring tyre.