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Tyre Pressure for Spada

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by yksnirk, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. I know this had been spoken about on NR before, but I only found 1 thread specifically for the Spada and there were several different answers, so I'm still a bit confused: What tyre pressure should I have for my '89 Spada? I'm quite light (65ish kg).
    I think the manual says 33/33, but is the manual right? is there a 'better' pressure?

    Also, what's a good (and not too expensive) pressure gauge? Some of the older threads talk about the 'Michelin Vigil', is that still the go?
  2. sticker on the swingarm?
    usually the back is slightly higher than the rear.
  3. 33/33 was what I ran, although I increased the back to 36 when I started pillioning regularly.
  4. The recommended tyre pressures are a good all round setting, but are more specific to carrying a pillion.
    The most important thing is to check them regularly, before every ride.

  5. Seconded.

    As long as they are in that general vicinity and the same front/rear (with no pillion) you'll be fine.
    But if you don't check them for 3 months and find one tyre has dropped below 20psi, you'll certainly know about it.
  6. My CBF250 also recommends 33/33, so it sounds about right for your Spada. Service guy recommended going to 34/34, as it's better to be slightly over than under. The rear should be higher for a pillion, eg 39.
  7. I brought my Spada from Carringah Motorcycles back in Sept 2006. They gave me a photocopied manual and it recommended tyre pressures 32psi for front and 36psi for back. Whenever I pump the tyres up to these pressures, the handling of the Spada definitely improves. After all these years, I still have the Spada and it is going great.
  8. 33/36 is in the manual for the gs500 which i believe has similar size tyres to a lot of lams bikes under 600cc.
    Replaced my rear before my weekend trip to Sydney and back and was told to take rear up to 38 for such a trip....

  9. In regards to the pressure gauge, there are many on the market which would be suitable. Whichever you decide on, always use the same gauge and take care of it. Using the same gauge guarantees you are at the exact same pressure every time. Servo stations can very and are neglected by users everyday.
    You should always check the tyre pressure when cold prior to your ride. Riding to the servo can give you a higher reading as you will already have some warmth in the tyre.
  10. Thanks for the answers guys, I'll have to trial-n-error with the pressures for a lil but and see what feels best.