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Tyre Paint - EBay

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by booga, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. EBay link

    Anyone ever tried this stuff?

    Look any good, affect performance/grip (ad. says it doesn't but thats an ad.)??

    Its kinda ricey, but it might look alright :p
  2. Shouldn't affect performance/grip on any quantifiable level, the biggest risk you'd be taking by putting this stuff on is the risk of looking like a toss-pot :p

  3. If you want to stand out from the crowd go for it :? , but I think you would be better off painitng your CBR250RR bright pink to match :p :LOL:
  4. ..and then it could look something like this.....
    http://home.exetel.com.au/hornethome/Picture 044.jpg
  5. I'd also question just how long the stuff would last, they claim it lasts 10 times as long as the "normal" stuff yet admit that only lasts for 1 ride (therefore their product must only last for 10 rides then - last thing I'd want to have to do is have to repaint my tyres every week or so).
  6. Hornet should I ask why you have that picture? Or why you have it hosted oline :p

  7. It was on show at the Sydney Motorcycle Show yesterday! I was originally going to post it under some quiet, non-provocative thread like "Vic's New Bike", but the eBay tyre paint thread, and Steve's response, created a perfect opening.

    I shall now go out and do an hour of community service for my sins........
  8. You are an evil, evil man! :twisted:

    :LOL: :p
  9. oooh ooh!!!! :shock: i'm getting the green paint :D yay! mucho blingo zx7r :oops:
  10. Rubber is what keeps you on the road, don't think I'd want to mess with it for looks sakes especially when the quest for ever greater lean angles is happening.
  11. oooh i have a picture on that scooter! my knees were touching the handlebars though :? must be designed for midgets. i also have a picture on that pink vespa.

    the pictures look really funny :D :oops: :oops: :oops:
  12. At next years GP Dinner, you are sitting NEXT to me young man :evil:
  13. If you are relying on the grooves to provide you with grip you need new tyres :D:D:D

    All the grooves are there for is to channel water away from the contact patch.
  14. erk, that IS a warning....... :p
  15. I think it's nifty. You get to spend money on something you don't need, and look like a total tosser.

    Everyone's a winner! :LOL:
  16. And it looks so good, they had to bodge up the photos. (look at the blue one, then the red one)
  17. I, too, call shenanigans. Blatant photoshoppery that relies on the principle that the sort of people that are dumb enough to buy this stuff will be too dumb to recognise a photo chop job.
  18.  Top
  19. I've bought off that fella before.

    If you have $$ to spend, spend it on something worthwhile.
    The paint isent long lasting at all & will actually make ya bike
    look worse bc paint starts flaking no long after application.

    Paint in centre of tread will last a few rides. It lasts longer on the
    outer sides.

    If you want to spend 1/2hrs each day applying, then I guess its
    OK, but otherwise forget it.

    The seller sent me a pack I paid for. When I told him that its
    crap, he kindly sent me a 2nd pack (diff colour). Made no diff.

    No paint can withstand contact made with a tyre so its a pointless