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Tyre options

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by GeorgeO, Sep 12, 2016.

  1. Feel like a bit of a tyre idiot. So much info out there.

    Current tyres on my Brutale - Pirelli Diablo Rosso II (180/55 ; 120/70 ZR).

    What options do I have - the Rosso III are an obvious choice. What other tyre is comparable (sports tyre with occasional track day - also needs reasonable wet weather performance). I got 8500km on this set and the rear is shot.

    Metzeller M7rr? Is this more sporty or less?
    Dunlop Q3? or the sportsmart 2 - whats the difference?
    Bridgestone S20 evo?
    Michelin Pilot road 4 or pilot power 3?

    icemakericemaker - do you have the Q3's? How are they and how do they compare with what you had?
  2. I went through the same exercise recently, went with the Dunlop Q3.
    Sportsmart are less sport oriented as far as I could see.
  3. The Ninja is currently on Q3s and I love them. Super grippy and very confidence inspiring however I cant really comment on wet weather performance. Ive ridden in damp conditions and they handled that fine but I haven't been caught in a downpour with them yet. In regard to durability I also cant comment because Im hopeless. They were originally on the Zed and then I put them on Ninja for the track day and failed to jot down the km. Best guess is 2 track days and approx. 5000km - 6000km and the rear is squaring off with about 1mm left till I hit the marker in the centre. The front is fine and still has decent life left.
    Prior to those I had the Pilot Power 3. Went through 2 sets as I really liked them. Really good performance in the wet and dry and got between 8000 - 9000km out of each set which included some track days. I found the performance stayed consistent throughout the tyres life until they were completely shagged which I thought was good. As a comparison the Angel GT that were on the Ninja when I bought it went completely to shit when nearing the end of their life, almost made the bike unrideable.
    Both tyres are great and would not hesitate recommending either. If you want better track day performance the Dunnys poo all over the Powers, if you want great street tyres that can handle a flogging at the track, Power 3s are a very good choice.
    Ive got the Rosso II on my Zed now but Ive only done about 500km on them so still getting a feel for em but Iwould put them closer to the Power 3s. Hard to say which ones are better at this point.
  4. I have really been impressed with the Rosso II's - only gripe being that they HATE being cold so the first few km on a cold day they feel really crappy. Other than that some very good wet grip.

    I have Metzeller M7rr's on the Duke - admittedly less power and weight but they have been quite impressive as well.