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Tyre Options 2016 for GSXR600

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by bluecraka, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. Ok,

    Been a few year since I've had bike on road, and last time I had Michelin Pilot Power 2CT fitted. Can't see myself doing any track days any time soon, bike will be predominately be a weekend warrior for the time being. I used to ride on the moderate side of spirited in the twisties.
    Quite unsure of current options at the moment.

  2. How longs a piece of string ? How many Klms would u like the Tyres to last for? The stickier the Tyres the less they last. I would say Dunlop q3 are a good sticky tyre that also lasts ok.
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  3. Two possible answers :-

    1. It depends on where I cut it
    2. Twice it's half length
  4. Agreed, Dunny Q3s are the schizz.
  5. Diablo Rosso III.
    Metzeler M7's
  6. What are the rosso III like George? Possibly considering them for the Ninja at the next tyre purchase
  7. Don't know really but they are my next choice. Don't think you get Rosso II anymore or if you do it's old stock

    I am rather happy with the Rosso II i currently have. They feel rather shitty when ice cold but warm up fast enough and are good in the wet/rain
  8. Guess I'm after similar to the pilot power 2ct, as I had a good run out of them and was happy with their grip in the twisties.
    Don't really want a tyre that's going to only last a couple thousand kms
  9. If Q3s last you a couple of thousand km then you gotta stop doing burnouts!
    Ive done about 3 - 4000km on mine, including 2 track days and I reckon I can squeeze out another 2 or 3 thou.
    I had pilot power 3s twice and they lasted about 8000km so I reckon the 2ct would be very similar to the Q3s in longevity.
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  10. I had Q3's last me 4 track days and around 6,000km of mostly twisty roads.
    Only had to change them at the track as officials pulled me up on them.
    Sides were worn out on the left mostly as Eastern Creek is a lefty biased track, middle of the tyre still had a few thou kms left.
    If you do commuting and occasional spirited ride then they would last 8,000km on a 600cc.
    Q3's are harder in the centre and heaps soft on the sides hence why they are great for cornering confidence.
  11. What's your budget? How often do you ride? How many tyres can you afford to go through in a year.

    Ok, my bikes not a supersport 600, it's a 1200 sports/tourer. But the best tyres I've had for grip were Metzler M1s. They were just magic. But I only realistically (read safely) got 5000km out of them. Although I stupidly left them for another 2000km. At the time I was doing between 15,000 and 20,000 a year on the bike I couldn't afford to put on 3 or 4 $300+ tyres a year, so it was back to a harder compound tyre - PR2. I
  12. Ok thank's guys. Seems like the consensus is that the Q3 is a good option. Will have a look into that. Cheers.