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Tyre ok for 50km?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by CaffeineMonster, Aug 1, 2016.

  1. Hey, it seems I need new tyres. Is the tyre below ok for 50km to get it to tyre shop?

  2. That's just rubber isn't it?

    Looks good for 5000kms to me......?
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  3. It will be fine.
  4. 1st set of tyres. cant see wear indicator in middle where I've squared it off. Might get another 5000km if I do them all on the side of the tyre

    Just wanted know i'll get there upright.

  5. I've circled your wear indicator in the picture

  6. Came back from Warrnambool to Melbourne on this, I think 50km will be fine (y)
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  7. Now THAT tyre is teh fuqt!
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  8. those I can see, its the middle ones that are gone
  9. C'mon peeeps just means there fully sick slicks so you can go faster :)
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  10. tried that philosophy out yesterday - seemed to work, keeping up with the litre boys.
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  11. Did they know you were following them?
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  12. of course - she's a noisy little beast!
  13. Don't worry until you can see canvas.
    And that is still a fair way off