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Tyre Milage

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Max, Jun 30, 2005.

  1. Just a quick question what kind of tyre milage are people getting on 1000cc sports bike with good quality sports tyres?


  2. depends on your riding style. Some blokes can get 10,000k+ by riding sedately and simple commuting, others struggle to get 1-2000k because they do trackwork or very aggressive road riding.

    also depends on the compound, whether you go for a soft grippy which will wear quicker or a harder one which will last longer.

    Then there are those who get even less due to burnout fetishes. :LOL:
  3. Cheers mate, looking at buying a z1000 and just trying to sort out finances.
  4. Dunlop 208GP's 190 rear / 120 front about 2000 to 3000 klms.

    I put aside $60 a week for tyres.
  5. ~12,000km on a VFR800 with Battlaxe 020 rear and 010 front. 4/5th of that commuting, the rest on rides. I didn't slouch on it either. Have moved on to another bike now, but can't help with that, yet.
  6. There's a lot more weight on top of yours than there was on mine :p :LOL: :p :LOL: :p :LOL: :p
  7. I got 3000ks out of the BT014s on the K5,crap bloody tyre though :? Michelin Pilot Powers rock!! :D 8) :LOL:
  8. was running metzeler sporttecs and got about 10,000k's out of the back and 18,000k's out of the front, was mostly commuting with a bit of riding, but i dont profess to be any great rider...

    i'm now using roadtecs (z4 i think) which i'm 5,000k's into and am starting to get the straight line flat spot in the rear :? if i only get 10,000 out of the roadies its back to the sporttecs.

    they are attached to the heavy old zx7r with a 145kg bloke on top, so i spose it isnt too bad :)
  9. On a 1000cc twin....nowhere near enough!! :D
  10. Isn't it amazing that despite more than twenty years of the metric system, we still talk about mil(e)age as a unit of measure???
  11. 'kilometerage' sounds a bit funny :D
  12. Let us know about the wear on the Powers. Just put 'em on the trumpet, and I hope I get better than 3,000 :shock:
    Then again, you could be a tyre shredding maniac :p
  13. what about "k's" then?
  14. 3-5k out of the 012. Now trying a 014.

    Cheers 8)
  15. I've had powers for about 5,000 now and the rear looks to have 500/1000 left onit until it's at the indicators.

    Front is just starting to cup on the RHS.
  16. 9,000k so far on the Michelin Macadams on the Storm and they still look really good, probably another 5-6k at least left on them. Mostly commuting and pretty sedate riding otherwise. Wish they would wear a bit quicker so I can justify some decent hoops.
  17. burnouts! :D
  18. I looked recently at my records: Pilot Sports that replaced (?) Macadams , in my case,
    13-15, 000 km.
    Most recent change to Pilot powers, expect less kms but better grip levels.

  19. Perhaps he's just talking down to you old blokes. :p :LOL: