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Tyre Life?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. Yo guys,

    Put on some sticky Perillis not even mths ago 3.5mths
    ago & they already need replacing :shock:

    Travelled about 4000km in that time

    That normal?

  2. pirelli tyres aren't renowned for their longevity but that sounds low to me...
  3. some one slash your tyres?

    hey kishy... booga called me a butch lesbian. want to meet for coffee some time?
  4. What sort of Pirellis mate?Super Corsas? If so,you did well to get 4000ks out of them :p I usually get around 3,500ks out of Pilot Powers but with stickier tyres you'll get even less :wink:
  5. Their Pirellis Powers bro, (good to see u again.. havent been here
    much in the last f/night)

    I ride hard all the time, but thought they shouldve lasted longer;
    but if youre telling me thats about right then I'm ok with em.

    My bike is getting the 24k service done so their going to fit Powers to
    em again

    Their fitting a seat cowl for me, moving the pegs back, fitting carbon
    fibre mirrors & arrow indicators for me
  6. :LOL: :LOL:

    no one would dare to bc I'd slash the punkass with the same knife :p

    My bike is in front of security guard all day & @ nights, its locked up
  7. 4000kms out of Pilot Powers? Sounds like the tyre pressure is too low.

  8. how do people manage to get 4000 out of powers? i'm yet to get more than 3500 out of mine!
  9. Tyre pressure may be too low for you, and you do have a rather large and heavy bike = faster wear. I found that the Pilots like around +2-4psi over most other tyres.
  10. Rear tyre pressure is 36psi
    Front is 34psi

    No need to go much more than that bc then I'd be compensating
    on cornering (grip)
  11. Not even 4000 mate :LOL:

    I just rounded it up. Closer to 3300-3500km
  12. What's wearing out first? Front or rear, or both?

    If you're cornering a lot, then a lot of wear can come from incorrect suspension settings too.

    I run 34f/38r myself, but it took me a long time before I got the suspension working the way I wanted.
  13. Ah you mean Pilot Powers bud (they're made by Michelin matey) :wink: Getting 4000ks sounds like a standard amount of kms out of them champ,especially if you're rding hard :wink: Post some pics of your bike when ya get ya stuff done mate,will look nice by the sounds of it,great to see ya back here again Kish 8)
  14. I got about 3000 of hard riding out of my rear Diablo Strada... Before it got wrecked by a jagged nail...

    I'd be expecting 10,000 or more out of the next one... And grip's pretty good too.
  15. oh shit.. sorry my mistake..

    kawasaki who are doing my bike said they should last a lil longer,
    but that if im riding hard, then thats usual distance

    will have to try slowing down abit bc i dont want to be forking out
    $200+ every 3mths :LOL:

    Yeh will post some pix when I get it back. Got em to chuck on a gold
    chain as well :LOL: :LOL:

    hey another Q, do I ask for dbl bubble w/screen to get more protection
    from wind?

    I find that when doing 200km/h+, I've gotta rest my chin in the tank
    to get any protection from being blown off
  16. Is all good mate :wink:

    lol replacing tyres gets expensive mate,especially if you do reefton or black spur lots :LOL:

    Gold chains look awesome,get yerself some AFAM sprockets as well just for the added affect :p

    The double bubble screen will help give more protection from the wind mate,you will still need to tuck in when going over 200ks though :D
  17. nope tyre pressure perfect, heavy bike well not as light as some but the birds are still lighter than most that use powers.
    Pilots are a good tyre but never heard of anyone getting good milleage out of them, but then who buys them for touring? :LOL: :LOL:
  18. Just one question. Where are the tyres wearing? Big flat spot in the centre of the tread or are you chewing the sides off them?
    The powers seem to like a bit of pressure in them as others have said. I imagine your ZX would weigh fairly much the same as my VFR. I run between 40-42lbs in the rear. Seems high but is actually more stable at that pressure than at 36-38lb's (road riding anyway) No difference in grip.
    I can quite easily get 6000kms out of a rear power & I crank the VFR along quite rapidly. Not in straight lines mind you :wink: Leave that to the R1's and similar :LOL: :LOL:
  19. Thanx for your advice Roarin.

    They told me the tyre wear was even across the face of the

    No flat spots bc I havent started doing burnouts yet :p
  20. Thanx Paul

    Np will still having to tuck in. Just hate having to tuck in as much
    as I'm having to atm