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Tyre life

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Mick M, Aug 10, 2015.

  1. I'm keen to hear from fellow members, regarding expected mileage from a front tyre on a GS500f.

    I'm an 85kg rider, mainly sports touring 1 up, and a bit of spirited riding in the hills every other w/end.

    I'm running month old Pirelli Sport Demons, with 4K under them. Size = 110/70/17 (front).

    Particularly keen to hear from fellow GS owners, past or present.

    p.s. rear tyre is worn flat in the middle, due to the touring. I'm not surprised by that and will be happy to get 10-12K. Next time, I'll look for a dual compound rear.
  2. I only got just over 6000km on the rear of my DRZ. I ride it hard but the mileage is pretty poor on the sport demons.

    I had them on my GS500 bought it 2nd hand did just under 10,000km on them. Pretty gone when I sold it though.

    Still Id recommend them fit new riders. They warm up really quick and are very grippy tyres & good in the wet.

    In summary it's a good tyre but tyre life is only ok.
  3. I got 10000ish from a bt45 front but I waited until it was past due before I changed it. I'm looking at getting a bit over 6000 from a bt45 rear, it's down to the wear 'limit' but I'm not changing it yet, I'll give it a few weeks more. 140/70/17 is where it's at for the rear.
  4. I probably got 7-8k from my sport demon rear, the front is still on, but noticed on the weekend that it is due for replacement, it probably has 10-12k
  5. Remember to check tyre pressure often, especially now that we're in winter. I keep it at 37psi on my Guzzi as per the recommendation. (100/90-18 F, 130/80-17 R)
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