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Tyre life!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by ROYBOY, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. What is the best tyre to use in the wet? A new one or one that has a few ks on it?

  2. One that has been scrubbed in preferably.
  3. A brand new tyre in the wet?? Shudder. Best have it scrubbed in first. But in terms of new, scrubbed, vs older, newer always has more tread, more tread means more water being channeled away and better grip....
  4. So how long to scrub one in roughly?
  5. I can scrub a new tyre in, front or rear, on one trip up Macquarie Pass. The important thing is to make sure it's scrubbed as far out towards the edges as you can before you start taking corners with much vigour. This can be difficult in an urban environment, that's for sure.

  6. start in a parking lot doing low speed figure 8's. Boring but works.
  7. good idea!!!
  8. Wipe new tyres down with a generous dose of acetone.

    Odd question?
  9. petrol does the same
  10. I'm a believer that Michelins are significantly better wet weather tyres than most others (although I haven't tried Dunlops recently). The Michies do take a lot longer longer to scrub in however.

    Don't know where the OP plans to get good used tyres... can you trust them?
  11. i don't, but everyone does what they can afford.
  13. I took it at face value too, but I was wondering if the OP was an academic 'if you had a choice' sort of question. Meh, he's got his answers.
  14. true enough, Dean.
  15. um both.

  16. hahahhaa thats is the funniest thing i have heard in a long time with what to do to a tyre.

    So you like putting oil on your tyres, and suggesting others do the same? Cause believe it or not that is what petrol is made from.

    Only use tyre buffer, and thats only on slicks as there is a wax to seperate the tyre from the mould. Road tyres dont have the wax.

    All it takes is a short ride to scrub in a set of new tyres. Start off steady and make sure get heat in the tyres before starting to tip further into corners and progressively build on speed.

    Bridgestone 016's are the best tyre for dry and wet conditions on the road IMO.
  17. I must say that this is the only post that makes any sense......My original post was to see if anyone had a clue about scrubbing in tyres...... obviously not](*,)the reason that I even bothered is that I read a website called "half of my life" and the author reckons 200klm to scrub tyres in the dry:shock:
    In another article he then goes on to "recall" Crosby trying to outbrake Hansford on completely different machines[-X.....This was a joke and still is.......it NEVER HAPPENED.:-s

    For what it is worth folks......the best tyre to use in the wet is a brand spanker that is unscrubbed......Sharp edges and all that.:beer:

    Oh....and figure eights in the car park........that is gold, absolute gold.
  18. lol ](*,) thats like saying i cant believe you are using Dead prehistoric fish on your tyres, cause believe it or not thats where oil comes from

    petrol behaves completley differently, especially with rubber... its good for getting rid of the surface wax that some tyres have including some road tyres.

    And for me it gets rid of the wax/glue from shipping labels ect. never had a problem with tyre wear.
  19. approximately, about 100 klms should scrub a new tyre in, Not on freeway conditions,
    Try a twistie road some where, and just take it easy till you have the k's up.
    New tyre on wet road, very very slowly.
    I use Metzler Z6, Does not let go even in the slimiest conditions, done 25,000 klms on them,
    A bit of course sand paper will take a lot of the film off a new tyre.
    Takes about 4 or 5 k's to warm up, then they are right to scorch along.

  20. guess this is something we will agree to disagree on mate

    I've seen guys first hand use petrol on there tyres to get off wax, sticker glue etc, put on there tyre warmers, then get out on the track and crash there brains out. Brand new tyres!!!

    IMO petrol leaves a residue on the rubber. How can this be a good treatment for removing wax from a tyre when a tyre is suppose to provide grip?

    I know of guys that used Acetone to remove the wax, but this can have an adverse effect on rubber as well.