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Tyre issues - beading and locking pins

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by disk_1, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    I had a new front tyre put on my zx636 on saturday.

    I took it in for a 12000k service today and made note of a slight vibration as a result of light front braking. The mechanic looked and discovered that the tyre had a slight beading issue which he is trying to rectify by over inflating the tyre slightly. Can someone explain what this is? Is the tyre not seating properly on the rim?

    More shocking is.... the mechanic said all the locking pins were all completely loose. He was pretty angry about actually and wanted to know who replaced the tyre. So the wheel was just floating around at the front? This sounds very concerning

  2. Not sure what he means by locking pins, but it's common practise for tyre fitters to over-inflate a tyre to get the bead to 'pop', then measure the pressure with a guage and let air out till it reaches the proper pressure.
  3. Lesson1)

    Whenever any work is performed that requires removal of wheels, ensure that before you ride it away, you physically check the axle nut/s and pinch bolts yourself.

    No point worrying about it after you end up on the deck, or worse still seriously injured/killed.
  4. I think the locking pins are the bolts that force the end of the forks to grip the front axle.

    If you look at your front forks right down the bottom and just below the axle there are 2 bolts on each fork. I think the mechanic was referencing these. These force the front fork to hold onto the axle.

    Am i correct?
  5. If that is what is meant, yes it is serious, and should have been dealt with by the person who fitted the tyre. As Tweet says, check these things yourself every time; some people are quite happy to stick out their hand for 300 bucks but don't care much about your welfare.