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Tyre gone hard?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by demuire, Dec 28, 2007.

  1. How do you tell if a tyre has "gone hard"?

    I've got a Dunlop D220 front tyre on my SV650 that's almost due for replacement, it appears to have some very tiny cracks in the tyre grooves? Is that a sign that it's gone hard? Or do tyres just do that? I've noticed similar things happening to my car tyres too...
  2. The tyre shouldnt have gone off in the 3 years/10,000 k's its done.
    If its "due for replacement" just do it.

    Mrs 2wheelsagain's car does 8k of gravel each day and the tyres on that (commodore) have tiny cuts in them across the tread. Could yours be cuts?
  3. yep.
    will cause a chalky-type of traction. replace at earliest convenience.
  4. What is meant by "chalky-type of traction"? The actual surface of the tyre looks okay, it's the bits in the grooves that seem to have the cracks. When I replaced the rear about 8 months ago it didn't have the same sort of cracks (and was a bit more worn than the front one is now).

    It seems to roll alright, grip has always been fairly average for as long as I have had the bike (2 years now, bike is 4 years old, no idea if this is the original tyre or not), but I've always attributed it to being an average tyre - other SV owners seem to think the same. It's just a bit noisy (again, always has been).

    I have already started pricing a new tyre, am just wondering if I can leave it for another month or two when it actually does get to the wear indicator, or if I have to replace it now... (after all, money isn't free, but safety is more important than that!)
  5. Oh well, have decided to change the tyre over once the shops reopen in the new year...

    Yay, new tyre :)
  6. Tyre shelf life before going hard: 6years while the protective coating is still on; only 2 years once the tyre has been "scrubbed in" and the coating worn off.

    Signs your tyre is going hard:
    - lesser level of traction (particularly cold/wet days)
    - odd or inconsistent steering behaviour
    - shiny/glossy look to the tread area
    - small cracks anywhere that flexes, especially around the base of the tread blocks/in the grooves, or in the sidewalls
    - you know it is 2+ years since you changed the tyre
  7. Only 2 years? Wow, maybe I need to get softer tyres so they wear out faster :p
  8. Demuire, I say this as a friend (well you are on a couple of forums I am on)

    You really need to be counting months on your tyres, in my case I count days but thats another story. What I am saying is ride more and they wear out, go on, you know you want to. :LOL:

    Also remember what someone told me once "tyres are cheaper than your life, replace them early and live longer, you only have 2 of them and its not a lot of rubber between you and death"
  9. Well yes, as I mentioned before if it's a safety issue I'll replace the tyres (and I've decided it probably is, so I'm replacing them). But I mean it's a bit like saying "how much is your head worth" when you are looking at helmets. If that was the case no one would buy HJC or KBC or any other cheap helmet, and everyone would buy uber sticky race tyres that last a month...

    And yes, already riding as much as I can get out... Which isn't enough! :)
  10. As long as you are out there mate and I know you are, remember its all supposed to be fun. Even what I do, if it no longer becomes fun I will stop. But honestly, how can anyone NOT have fun on a motorcycle.

    take care...
  11. Two Wheel Tyres at Blacksoil are close to you and should be able to give you some advise or explain above.

    Behind the BP Blacksoil, Brisbane Valley Hwy side.
  12. Carol: Yes, that is where I'm planning on getting the tyres (they were cheapest when I priced the tyres about 2 weeks back). Tried calling them but I'm guessing they're closed till after new years...
  13. Replace the tyre.

    Personal experience had me unexpectedly sliding down the road in the wet at 30km/h on a front tyre with the same condition. And I wasn't doing anything that asked for a large amount of traction.
  14. Well actually it's not like saying that... testing has proven that cheaper helmets are as effective and sometimes more effective than their more expensive counterparts.

    Fortunately tyres are much more simple than helmets in that regard. :)
  15. Oh well, I can't seem to get onto TWT (I keep either getting their answering machine saying they're busy, or ringing out) so I'm guessing maybe they're there, but they're not open... So I've ordered it from elsewhere, hopefully it will arrive on Friday and I can get it fitted on Saturday :)